Please add reporting for quitting after losing the treasure by stealing

this is ranked…

im not natalina, but i am on the same opinion

edition: sorry, i didnt explain well, to add more info, the enemy team stole the treasure from the guy that left the game’s team

Isnt there the report button ?


Then don’t steal your teammates’ treasures


TBH stealing your team mate’s treasure is pretty ############


I want my teammate to steal my treasure. As long as someone on our team gets it before the enemy team does then I’m happy. “Stealing” just means they are on top of it more than I am.


where? is there a button to open a window in the middle of the game to mute and report?

the enemy team stole the treasure, not one of his team

Same window where you can send resources to your allies.

but what is the penalty, any published information?
is it at least on the rules?

I dont think that the penalty of others is part of your business.

why not?
its the same penalty for me if i would do that.
i think there is no penalty, then why reporting ?

You literly ask in this topic to add an option to report.
And now you dont want to report, because you think there is no consequences.


thanks anyway. I will report, but i think there is no consecuences if there is not a rule for that.

It is very unlike to have a rule that says “punishment for leaving after your treasure gets stolen is X days ban”, partly because such an action would be difficult to prove in practice.

However, if the enemy steals someone’s treasure and that someone rage quits, it really is part of the RTS game. It means the enemy won the psychological battle. What;s next, report for not fighting to the last villager?


omg. Yes reporting for abandon game. Spoiling the game for others.
does do has sense for you?
as i said if there is not on the rules, nothing will be done.
a way to report for abandoning game at minute 3 or minute 5 etc for any reason should be penalized with a longer wait on the search for a match or something and a warning, or this will happen always.
But as there is no reward for good behavior, like not abandoning a game, or a penalization for not moving villagers, i doubt these problems will be less frequent.

It is unlikely someone will get banned for resigning in one game. But a consistent pattern? that’s more likely.

creating a 10 minutes quee for start searching ranked on the next ranked search would be a good penalization of time

how do i let devs know the problem of “guy left the game because the enemy team stole his treasure” on a ranked match inside game? is there an option to write that on your report button?

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Yes, you can add a text to descripe what the issue was.


Maybe all 7 others reported at the same time would result in a ban on him