Please add team game to RANKED!

Dear Devs,
I dont know the exact numbers but it seems like more then half of your online players like to play team games over 1v1. Most find 1v1 boring.
Can you please add 2v2 and 3v3 and 4v4 to ranked before launch??
No need to wait for new ranked icons or whatever (add them in later just use the same 1v1 icons)
Please make this a reality for the launch of ranked. We team players like to play ranked and get awards as well.
Again if you check your numbers you will find a lot of your fan base and online players only play team games.
It wouldn’t make any sense to leave out this huge number of players and fan base.

Thank you


Can we get a amen? lol

Yeah, having ranked for team games would be really nice, i agree

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Yes I’d love to see this. I’m actually somewhat surprised it is not there. 2on2 is a lot of fun competitively. I know in other RTS games you sometimes also see nations or teams playing against each other and often some 2v2 is added to the design of the tournament. I know WC3 even developed a highly competitive 4on4 scene, although I assume that is rare.

I hope this gets added.



Groupplay should also get rewarded.

Lets hope when RANKED goes live we have team games as well.
Also a FFA ranked would be the cherry on top.

In this season there isn’t any plan for ranked team game, maybe next seasons if the devs see a lot of people ask for this

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what idiots they are. no other words.

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It’s more likely that the only people in their echo chamber are 1v1 players who insist that they must be heard first…

What is ignored is that the only reason 1v1 is viewed more on Twitch is that you can’t cast 6 players well and the only visible thing is 1v1 gaming.

im pretty sure they said on a livestream that team ranked is coming in the future, not 100% though.

No good reason it cant be all released on the 13th with ranked. Can add the new decals/ icons later just add it in .

Next season is the plan for now.

Cant wait a whole season for this. Come on bro. A whole season to add team games to ranked? So many people love team games.

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2v2, 3v3 ranked please! I mostly play team games.


4v4 too, why not all team games

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Gonna be desync fest then, at least in 1v1 it’s easy to ban someone.

  1. Drophacking which is sadly still a thing and for top-ranked players is simply disaster … Imagine when u win 10 games in a row to get 20 ELO only to lose 20 ELO in one game where u were drophacked by somebody in enemy team … (yes once its counted as a win but in my case its counted as lost sadly)
  2. MM which is basicily non-existing in modes above 2v2 (even it should be a BIT BETTER since last mm change but its still in HORRIBLE condition)
  3. (rather not to even mention horrible stuff like map size, map design - aka ranked modes on maps like Black Forest or Mountain pass? thanks but NOPE)
  4. Or unbalanced stuff like aka did your game go into late game? (which is high possibility because of problems mentioned above and is there a Chinese player in one team but not in the other? - team without him has literally no chance to win - because of Grenadier spamm who are basicily un-counterable)

So yeah try to look at it from top-top point of wiev. There is no POINT to have a ranked mode in modes above 2v2 … not in a state in which game RIGHT NOW is …

example from 2 days ago (in a newest patch)

Yes why not all team games up to 4 vs 4. I think the effort for this is not too big when we already have 1 vs 1 ranked seasons.

Its not that serious my dude, yes it wont be perfect if you do team ranked. But its just a way to work toward a goal with your friends of getting higher up. Its separate from 1v1 ranked so its not going to affect that ladder (separate ladders for 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4). Its not like anyone is going to use the rankings for anything serious. I dont see the downside

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