Please, add the Lightning mode

I suggest to adding a new mode for the game.
Conditions are simple: There will be a time limit in this mode, options to 30, 40, 50 or 60 min. Victory an the one player, who killed and destroys of more enemy units and buildings! Or standoff in rare cases.
I think that players will be used many “unpopular” cards (white frame) with call units from HomeCity.
This mode was planned in the original AoE3, about in “stringtable” files. Thank you for understand!

Lightning mode is a leftover from Age of Mythology. It doesn’t work as you describe at all, it simply makes everything in the game happen faster and that’s it. The mode wasn’t very popular, which is why it got removed from AoE3 (also, it can be simulated in AoE3 using handicaps anyway).

As for your idea, it doesn’t seem to actually make any difference from Standard Supremacy. Most competitive matches already end around 15-20 minutes, watch some tournaments and you will see.

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Then it is impossible to destroy the city town centers in this mode!