Please add the possibility for in-game diplomacy

Hello Age of Empires friends :smiley:

I only found old posts about this topic. So I decided to create a new one.

It would be very nice if there would be an option in matches to allow in-game diplomacy.
With the three possibilities (or more) Ally, Neutral and Enemy.

What do you think about diplomacy? Do you have any suggestions for diplomacy in AOE4?

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Diplomacy is 100% worthwhile. Someone may add it in a mod someday.

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I personally will never use it, but I agree they should add it. Many people loved diplomacy games in AoE2.

I’t is a nice option to have. But mostly in custom games.

I don’t know how it worked in Aoe2 so i cand coment o that. I only played turn based games with diplomacy where it tends to be a prety complex system.

Back in the day when i played broodwar LAN with my friends we had a 5-10min ceasefire because nobody liked zerg rush.

But i dont think it will be impemented in ranked. The player base is too small for a new game mode.