Please add this new win Parameter

AoE IV lacks a more cerebral win parameter. Currently when players make/join games the only way to win is to defeat all other players/team. I find this boorish.

Please add a civilisation win parameter tick box when making games.

How should/would i like it?
When ticking the civilisation tick box all parameters except for monument win stay on, however the game adds a timer of 4-5s. At the end of the timer the players/teams with the highest score wins, all other players still alive get a survival win.

Building a monuments doesn’t start a timer to win the match, instead it adds a hefty amount of points to your score. if you lose your monument points are deducted.
Points are deduced by several factors, economic highs, units killed building raised, building monuments and research
Points are deduced if buildings are raised, monuments are destroyed, units killed leaders or special units are killed.
Players/Teams can also go for sacred wins/landmark victory in this case the players/teams receive domination win/victory.

The resources on the map respawn every hour randomly.

Players can choose to be friendly neutral or enemy to other players/team and join or leave teams at will.

The idea is to have longer fun drawn out games where defeating your opponent isn’t the only path to victory
with a nice side of politics and treachery.

If this idea isn’t for you, then as a player you lose nothing. However for the fun of other players please support my idea so myself and other players like me can have a game mode that can isn’t a pre-decided choice that everyone has to be defeated.
ad a +1 to support the idea!