Please add traps to AOE4

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I think the possibility of setting traps in AOE4 would make the game very entertaining.

For example units could dig holes and cover them with branches. When enemy units walk over them (only scouts see the traps) they fall into the hole and shout. In doing so the enemy units would die.

This would be a similarly entertaining spectacle as the popular Wololo. Ideally the units that fall into the hole would make a funny sound similar to that of the monks in Wololo.

What ideas do you have for traps in AOE4? Would you like to see traps in AOE4?

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I’d like to be able to dig a moat for my castle. That’d be fun. Maybe put some crocodiles in there!

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remenber when tall grass fog was promoted as the new gimmick for potential raid traps? yeah me too. Only 1 map have that mechanic.

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That would be indeed very cool!

I would also like to see pitch fields that can be lit with fire arrows, as well as the possibility of setting up palisades that spit out enemy units.

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Depending on implementation this can quickly turn from fun and entertaining to anoying.

  • If the traps are easy to detect they become a mere hindrance. And resources could be spent elsewhere.
  • But if they are hard to detect they become a problem depending on the power they have. They can enter in the “not fun to play against” category. And this is a problem for new players.

Yeah, imagine if my four elephants suddenly just fall into pits and instantly die… whelp, I lose.

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Lipany and other maps have also “some” stealth forests , but yes , high view is one of the most interesting maps atm

stealth forest was already in aoe 3 and in cases like aoe 2 or aom in some rudimentary way.

i played aoe3 over a decade , stealth forest like in aoe4? where exactly?

Yes trees in other games reduce vision , but that is not what stealth forest do in aoe4 , stealth forest block all of the vision and enemies cant see what is inside of them except if they have an explorer or an outpost

plus outposts in some cases also block the enemy auto response after being attacked

in that case the only thing aoe 4 addes or i may say removed is the flying vision on scouts

stealth forests should give some bonuses after attacking from them.
now they useless in 99%, or block vision completely.

it also block the auto response from enemy units if you attack them in.

ranged unit does the same regradless the los or not

Spider Mine? or Widow Mine?
Or HRE Goliath from the future?

No need for traps when the whole game is a trap man.

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