Please address the Rubber-banding issue

Hi Devs,

I experience terrible rubber-banding in most (~70%) of my ranked game ( mostly 1v1s - I never play standard / campaign / un-ranked).

When it does occur, it starts randomly and doesn’t stop for the rest of the game (or generally until I get sick of it and resign).

I just had to stop playing a 1v1 35 mins into the game because it started rubber banding - and became impossible to play (and of course, I was winning!!!).

My opponent / allies never indicate an issue.

I have a decent PC:

  • 16GB RAM
  • GEForce GTX 1070 Ti
  • i5 9700 3.7GHz 6 core.
  • NPN connection tested at 25Mbps immediate after the game
  • All of my drivers are up to date
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They still have no idea what is caused by this. I always reset my router and then it usually disappears. But it comes back randomly again. So it’s not a viable solution. Our specs are different so I doubt it’s hardware related.

It’s the most frustrating bug because when I want to play ranked it feels like playing russian roulette whether I will have rubberbanding and freezes or not… this is a disgrace for the whole development team. They are among the slowest developers I have ever witnessed… pure incompetence at work here.