Please allow us to see decks of other players in a casual lobby!

It makes it near impossible to start casual games without being able to see if players have a treaty deck or not. Its so so important to the gamemode to have a specific deck for it. Infact, the game should have default decks for it like it does for water etc.


In the legacy game it was already possible to see decks of any player you were looking for, hopefully they will enable it for DE aswell.


in treaty games and sad not being able to see the decks

i wonder why is taking so long. 40 min is too much time to waste

I have been told this this was a conscious decision by the devs to help make everyone feel more welcomed or something like that. Unfortunately this has the exact opposite effect. In Legacy people would join in the lobby and others would look at decks and then there would be healthy discussion about why you have this card or that card. That was how I learned, was in lobbies and being coached in Lobby.

What happens in DE? You spend time in a lobby, you finally get a game going and then at some point during the boom, you realize your teammate or your opponent has a really bad deck not suited for treaty. What then happens usually is either people ALT F4 or verbally harass the “noob” person for their deck. The end result is the same, the game ends without a fight or someone gets rolled and literally no-one in the match has any fun at all.

The lack of deck visibility along with the rough ranking system makes it very hard to get good treaty games in DE. It’s very very difficult to determine skill level in lobbies. I’m sure it’s very annoying having things compared to Legacy, but frankly speaking, I don’t ever recall being upset with unbalanced games in legacy. The system it had for ranking and deck viewing was just better for the treaty community.

Please consider changing this.


Tried to play a Treaty game after 1000 years and failed to for 3 consecutive times. People either disconnect or have really bad decks… Can we please have the old TAD feature back? We should be able to see people’s decks to avoid wasting time.
If you really don’t wanna, then add the old PR system for lobbies so we can get an idea about how good the joining players are… The current one is simply a joke. No offense. Also very few people play Ranked which is a problem for another day.

Yeah… it’s very rough to try and get a decent treaty game. I get why this isnt necessarily needed for supremacy… but the broken/vuage rank system combined with the lack of ability to see decks makes it a pretty pretty difficult task to a decent/balanced treaty game.

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I’m confused. Simply playing ranked should already solve all of the problems listed here?
That sounds like the root issue, not a problem for another day.

There arent ranked matches, people just dont host them

Well then you need to start hosting them.
PR wouldn’t solve anything here; if you play unranked you obviously can’t gain proper rank, doesn’t matter if rank is measured by Elo or PR or whatever.

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In legacy you could get better rank in lobbies, now dont

In legacy there are also ranked/unranked rooms and you cannot gain any rank in unranked rooms. It works very similar.

In legacy there were ranks with military names as private, soldier… that we could get by playing in lobbies. That ranks worked better than the new ones that few people understand how them work. Also they were split on treaty and supremacy.

Now if you dont play ranked to move on ELO all you have is that weird system of ribbons

They won’t play ranked. That’s the problem. You need to force them by adding some form of rank for casual lobbies. The current one is just useless.

If the dev’s goal was to prevent harassment from somebody seeing their deck by removing the ability to see decks in the lobby, then that goal has failed because it postpones the harassment like you said, mal.

The consequence is players are MORE pissed off because now they’ve wasted time and have to remake another lobby in chance of a more fair game.
This needs to change.

Proposed solutions: It is an everlasting battle for experienced players trying to educate newer/less experienced treaty players on how to make proper treaty decks. This is the source of the problem: people will get burned if they don’t know how to make decks for treaty. So why not attack that problem?
Removing the ability to see decks in the lobby doesn’t educate the player on how to not get ridiculed. It just pisses players off later in-game.

1. Why not make some art of war tutorial or something to teach players how to make treaty decks or something?

2. Or put some UI pop-ups for everyone joining the treaty lobby to encourage not having villager cards, resource crates, or finite military shipments?

This will actually tackle the problem (lack of knowledge) and achieve their goal of making players feel more comfortable going into a treaty game.