Please ban/delete my forum account permanently

As I have permanently retired from playing this game, I no longer have any interest in maintaining my account here.

What made you leave?

Can’t you delete your account in settings somewhere yourself?

or just don’t use the website? (easier said than done)

What game will you play in the future?

I don’t think Maintaining an account here costs anything . You can simply form of notifications and leave this dormant .

Hi. Get in touch with our Customer Support about this issue.

Most of my friends also quit… so it feels like it’s simply time for me to not cling onto it anymore.

Placing my bets on AoE4 :slight_smile: If not… well, I guess I’ll have to just explore.


You know there’s a forum section for AoE4 on this site!?

Here yah go. Don’t go deleting that account!