PLEASE BAN: [redacted] from AoE3

Today this happened, I had seen him do this previously but decided to record it: [redacted]

MORE Evidence [redacted]

Further evidence japanlamer is toxic and also cheats: [redacted]

Even more: [redacted] (sorry it’s grainy, not my video)

Please replace ‘DOT’ with . as I can only post two links due to being new account!


Hello, it is not possible to ban anyone for any reason from AoE3/ESO. The platform is not being moderated anymore.

An idea… Maybe some of the players can manage the ‘worst toxic players’.

the 6 highest ranked guilds and 6 guilds of highest ‘honour’; could each elect weekly a ‘man of judgement’ who could place a single ‘temporary token’ on any name, lasting 1 week.
If 3 tokens are on an account-name, it gets 1 days inability to enter the multiplayer community.
Each Extra token adds +1 days inability.
9 tokens = tot 7 days inability.
10+ tokens = a permanent token is placed on the account name, lasting 1 month. Stackable up to 4.
Weekly tokens only remains til next weekly election.

Each Token can obly be placed if words are added with reason, (curse-filter-required)

Guilds amongst these 12; has their 3 highest ranked and 2 selectables immune to suffering from token penalties during competetive seasons.

Each 100 games without a ‘player report’ should grant a player +1 Honour.

//this should prevent Power abuse and will affect non-ranked players who are toxic.
Since ‘loathing’ and ‘jealousy’ can appear, I cant find a solution to counter ranked-toxic players.


You can see the cheating clearly also in the elo ladders.
the specific game: [redacted]

Take note that [redacted] is also a cheater: summoned 54 monster ice cream trucks [redacted]

Hey @SmokedArcher286, I redacted your post because it’s a cheating accusation which is breaking the forums’ code of conduct.

Interesting. I read that in Code of Conduct: DO NOT Discuss illegally modifying, hacking, or pirating content.**
and that
“” Do NOT Promote cheating, griefing, or exploits.""
Which of these is actual- Use Cheats or Not use cheats ???

The Code of Conduct contains more than those two paragraphs.
Although I am not well-versed enough to point out where it is.

I think its a bit further down when reading the code of conduct.