Please ban this team

Just to keep it short so they can get banned.

They were using the Relic abuse, both of them were committing to sling/duplicate relics to Mongols


Honest to god makes you wanna uninstall this game.

What’s wrong in this?

Check how many relics they have

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Some maps have a lot of relics. Why is it wrong if the team decides to donate it to one player only?

Tomorrow you will be complaining about Gurjaras having too many sheeps donated by team mates?

When was the last time you saw a ranked map with 69 relics?
There’s a glitch that allows players to duplicate relics. OP played against a team that abused it.


For those who do not know, there is a bug to generate infinite relics in a Ranked Game. Thats what they did here.


Mind you, it’s not limited to Armenians, but any civilization. It’s just easiest to do with Armenians because you start with a relic in your Fortified Monastery.


Gotcha, I’ll update my original post

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Go check the RMS scripts. See what are the chances of getting more than 60 for that amount of players

This exploit should be fixed before banning people using it.


I agree, you should fix it, not just ban players for using something that is available in the game

Why team ??? Only see one, and same thing have 2 game I get same situation

How exactly does this exploit work?

What the heck are you talking about!? It was the opposing team that was doing the exploit.

Those who think the bugs should be patched before banning cheaters, think of the analogy where you rob a bank and they don’t toss your ass in jail because they didn’t have good enough security.

The point of good sportsmanship in games is to be respectful and not exploit bugs. If you found a bug you should report it than misuse it for the purpose of ruining the game. Hopefully some players will understand this concept!


I said the same, if you speak about honesty to god directly, you will be cut first. You need to put the correct image that says it is Ranked. I think this is morphed, do you have the proof of the change of your score from

@wonderhd11 you’re better off ignoring him. For some reason he really wants an AoE without “greed” (gold).


I think here is the answer for how it is done. And there is already an OP who suggested to correct this a long before 9 months.

Why no one duplicate relics?

Collect the exact screenshots or a video if you already have, and get justice.