Please be polite in the forum

I had a few thoughts I wanted to share here:

  • I know this is a forum where people discuss various things about Age of Empires and there are bound to be arguments. But that does not mean that people cannot be polite.

  • Being polite does not mean you have to agree with everyone, it just means you should be respectful and try to understand their point of view.

  • Spamming the same thing over and over usually makes you less likeable. People will see your idea even if you just post it once.

  • Before making or replying to a post, if you read what you have to say to yourself, you can see if it unintentionally sounds rude.

  • It is ok to be wrong, everyone is wrong sometimes.

  • Everyone in this forum loves Age of Empires 2 or they would not be posting here. No one wants to ruin the game.

  • The dev team is small and is working with 20-year-old (or older) code that they did not write, do not expect them to be able to fix every problem easily. They are also fans of the game and want to make the game better.


I wish spamming is not needed. As an example if devs ever say once “we are aware of the alt f4 issue” it could be much better. Communication on high priority issues is clearly lacking there.


Well you know according to the rules per use forums, users shouldn’t be making a new thread about adding new civs, cause you can find several topics about the same with plenty info, but no one ever merged those, as result the forum is full with guys suggesting civs every week.

Also for balance change suggestion, it is normal, but most guys don’t have the knowledge to understand what are they claiming, for a 1k elo player the mangonel is an oppressive unit and should be nerfed, for a 1700 it is just a siege unit cool to use and for an expert is a tool that fill its roll, the problem comes when the 1k elo player ask for nerfs and the 1700 tries to explains why not, then after several post an expert joins to the discussions and gives his opinion trying to be as clear as possible but the 1k elo refuses to listen those guys above him and say the next common line, experts don’t know everything about the game, i know more than them but they just play more and are nerds, stuff like that is happening or has on every single topic about balance, but the lowest players are quite stubborn and tend to make other furious, it is sometimes like arguing with an earth flat believer.

Also you shouldn’t spam a topic trying to convince others about your point, that is also against the rules, but when have you seen a mod warning a guy to stop spamming in one topic? for example in the alt f4 topic, there are 3 guys with like 100 post each one of them and they are not satisfied with that they spam the same in other similar topics, you can’t really be polite with those guys cause they are just spamming.

The only thing that i can tell you is that most users of this forum doesn’t respect the rules they even think they own the forums and they are never wrong, that is what makes the forum unreadable for people that has been int he game for years.

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