Please bring back Lombardia for team games

It’s a much better map than Oasis, which is just another variation of Black Forest boom fest. Lombardia allows for great team synergy, harassing playstyles or booming. I had so many epic games on it. Please let’s get it back in the map pool instead if Oasis.


I fully agree. I would love to have more open maps in the team map pool.

I made my own thread about suggestions for the map pool. I didnt just stated swap Oasis for Lombardia, but i did say i want less closed or hybrid maps and more open maps.

Lombardia is not really an open map.
In teamgames you wall your whole team which is achievable thanks to ubiquity of forests.

In terms of civ picks this map is very limiting as well. You see few certain civs there all the time.

I wouldn’t like to see this map again.
I’d prefer to see more open maps without (close) team positions.

I also love lombardia but I also like oasis, and I hate hill fort. On hill fort you cannot really secure trade because of the shallow waters and it is very hard to defend. I would like to have hill fort replaced by lombardia.

I wish they bring it back soon. Just played that map 2 times, one with that rare bug that someone is almost out of the map limits, and other with a noob team… I couldn’t even explore the map, both matches were fast gg (actually, bg).

Lombardia really depends on the number of players. I have done some 2v2s and there is not much difference to Arabia. Feudal agression is really an option. I can see this will be much less viable for 4v4s. Oasis is much more a wall fest. So Lombardia is more open than Oasis to me.

I do like more open maps too.

Oasis is actually easier to do Feudal aggression. You can often hit players before they are walled, specially with a drush / m@a rush. This is not really doable in Lombardia due to the distances and Scouts are the only option for feudal rushs.

However, in terms of Team Games, Oasis promotes 1v1’s (2x2), 2v2/1v1(3x3), and 2v2/2v2 (4x4) due to the center woodline, whilst Lombardia was very easy to wall in Dark Age due to closeness to allies and distance to enemies, which later on promotes a true 4v4 experience.

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Someone can be happy with Lombardia back into the map pool :slight_smile: