Please bring player colors back, and minimap color/brightness options

I want to be able to choose color in ranked, like for example with picking civ you can pick primary and secondary color choice in case the opponent chooses the same color it will change 1 player to secondary color. Red and blue only isn’t as interesting because units look so different depending on their color, some people like having gold/silver knights, etc. Also, minimap colors should be customizable, like an option to turn team colors on but only for the minimap, and with the ability to change the brightness of the minimap colors or a blind mode with a glowing effect for enemy units and relics for partially blind people. I have to literally put a magnifying glass up to my monitor to actually see relics.

Atm the way I choose color in ranked is by renaming the team color files in AoE2DE\resources_common\palettes and turning team colors off, but I don’t know how to change minimap team colors in the files so it’s still red/blue on the minimap. Does anyone know the file location of minimap team colors?


Yes, I would really like the option to choose my own color. I would also like an option to pick enemy colors. I am colorblind and play with colorblind mode to make my opponent white and easy to see on the minimap, but it also makes me red. Things like knights look really similar with red and white team colors. It would be a lot more convenient if I could just pick my own colors.


I play 3v3 and 4v4 with friends…
It`s super annoying to keep asking “who’s is this?” “which one of you is attacking?” “wait, ur above or below me?”

Having team colors is easier and CYAN RULES.