Please Buff Burmese since early game

According to my previous post, Burmese is a civ with merely one early eco bonus, deficient archer line. If you play Burmese , you would expect yourself build castle and play UU,but now UU nerf a lot,especially in destruction ability.

To compensate this point, I think buff its siege a bit since castle age would be a great idea. Also add one more eco bonus on wood. Every Burmese players know what Burmese lack most is wood when you build a massive number of Arambai.

  • Siege move speed +20%
  • Wood last 30% longer

I suggest a lower monastery tech discount in trade off may be like 20%

This change enhance the mobility of siege so that infantry ,Arambai or even monks can make a good match combo with siege since castle age. Also the mobility of siege would make it a easier counter to archer.

I am strongly against the imp UT change. Arambai is still the signature of this civ. It has been already nerfed several times on its attack stat. Why the game just keep deprive the powerspike when nearly no one use it or complain it at all. I don’t think the vs archer +5at is attractive when it compares to other civ cavalry UT.

There a lot more choice just straightly strengthen there cavalry ability but not only for archer. Why Burmese UT is special, it is also effective on Arambai.

if you want to counter archer , just choose a paladin civ, choose persians with+2 attack since castle age, choose berber, choose turks with+1p armor since feudal, choose korean get free archer armor and then build war wagon in castle age.

Comparison to other imperial age UT

Malian : cavalry +5 at (650 food 400 gold)
Sicilians:+1/2 armor (500 food 400 gold)

Comparison to other castle age UT
Bulgarians: +33% attack speed (400 food 200 gold)

Burmese UT
Imperial: Arambai, cavalry +6 attack vs building(650 food 400 gold)

There is a lot more better choice out there. Who will choose Burmese just because it can become a hard counter to archer or archer cavalry until the late imp then invent the UT for 650 food 400 gold.

One more special request, i hope to see Parthian tactics become effective on Arambai if this is not too op. I believe this is the only way to give meaning of Parthian tactics in Burmese.

Please don’t keep making Burmese featureless, Nowadays Spanish and Korean are always better choices. No one use Burmese anymore unless someone got it from random.

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Both civs are almost on the same level (or worse).

Also Burmese already get a wood bonus (free lumbercamp technologies), and siege moving faster as civ bonus is broken, they will always get a 100% advantage on mangonel vs mangonel wars, or scorpion vs scorpion, without mentioning that 30% fast moving Bombard Cannons is too much tho.
Burmese new upcoming buff might fix them vs arbalest in Imperial so lets see.
At least someone went for a different thing other than the same silly Leather Archer Armor upgrade request.

Arambai is just the worst designed UU ever with basically a high attack that call having really bad archers, on top of that Arambai destroying Buildings was a silly concept at the end, and the 100% mssing shot damage is either useless or the most broken thing tbh.


if 20% is too much , then 10% would be fine
korean get +1 range mangonel, khmer get +1 range scorpion as team bonus also have 100 advantages too.

I don’t think a unit that play in different style would be regraded as a bad design.

Free lumbercamp upgrades + great M@A it’s a great feudal age.

If needed, you can always split the effect of Howda and make it +1/+1 and give +1PA as a bonus, . Other option is to switch their UT, and tweak the price/effects.

No need to reinvent hot water. Burmese are almost balanced


switch the imp UT as a castle age UT is good enough too


The whole thing is, Mongols already have fast moving siege workshop units.

Speed and range are totally different things, with speed you micro vs every incoming projectile. That’s why Drill is an Imperial Age UT.

I agree with the point about Parthian tactics. About the rest i don’t really have an opinion.

Also agree on parthian tactics for arambai. I mean currently arambai have 2 pa, potentially 3 with elite. That’s so little that the unit doesn’t make any sense to produce if your opponent has any unit with bracer. And compared to all that units that have high pierce armor even elite arambai affected by pt isnt that great. Besides burmese having pt in their tech is right now the most useless in the game I guess. Even malian arb without bracer makes more sense.

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Arambai really needs that parthian tactic to compensate for the upcoming nerf. I mean, why parthian tactic is there if the dev make cavalry archer useless anyway, it’s just bad design tech tree.


Tbh at least Koreans can deal with archer civs and Conqs are better than current Arambai

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Yeah but this is basically the same case of Aztecs vs Burmese infantry. Aztecs get a better effect but Burmese get it for free

Burmese are almost balanced, but they cant be tweaked easily to fix their weakness against archers

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Something like “barracks cheaper”, or “berries last longer” might help.

if you compare burmese to franks, there’s clearly something missing …

franks | burmese
free farm upgrades | free wood upgrades (comparable, burmese bonus maybe better)
cavalry more HP | infantry more attack (one might argue frank one better, but still somewhat comparable)
cheap castles | cheap monastery techs (frank one less situational)
faster foragers | NOTHING


Siege cant passively move 20% faster, its too abusive with Mangonels. 5%-10% is reasonable.
Unless you buff only the Rams, and then you can go for 20% or even 25%, considering the civ doesnt have Siege-Ram tech that also gives speed boost.

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Thanks for the comparison. I totally agree the Burmese is something missing

this is what i agree too.
Buff ram speed only for 20-25% or all siege for 5-10%
Also, this civ doesn’t have the last ram, mangoel upgrade. So the enhancement on siege won’t make this civ that op.

but Aztecs get better early eco bonus, wonderful monk

I can see your point but other than free eco upgrades, the direct comparison between bonuses doesn’t seem to be comparable imo. Burmese can have a new civ bonus like BE +1 PA and Hawdah changed to +1/+1 or even +2/+0. Another option is siege as that is also a good alternative to counter archer when you have bad skirmishers. But Burmese have one of the best Monk in game which combined with siege can be OP in Arena.