Please buff Elephants

I want to use them often again but they are just a little too pathetic when they get to the city for my liking. I prefer to use rams, sadly.

An Elephant ought to have the same role as a boar, a food source and super dangerous, like all your units are workers to him. 2,400 HP, 500 attack on buildings, 100 flat damage on units, carcass is worth 600 food and collects double speed over farms.

That means I will not be lack of food after I killed several enemy’s elephants nearby my wall, sounds interesting.

dunno about making them a food source but they definitely felt weak when i was trying them out, i expected them to wreak havoc on the enemy base but even supported by tons of troops they just got cut down. i think the biggest problem is how little damage they were actually doing to enemy walls, if they aren’t meant to be a substitute for proper siege weapons that needs to be telegraphed to the player, i was under the impression they would make an effective method for taking down walls

Use the war elephants instead of the tower war elephants, they have sieging capacity while the TWE is basically cavalery.

And whenever i start walking with elephants, i try to have at least 5 priest, pref. 10 priests to heal them. They become tanks.


I think the elephants are in a good spot in castle age. The tower elephants should be allowed to receive blacksmith upgrades and the siege attack should be slightly faster I feel but its ok…

They need buffs in Imperial for sure. Incendiary arrows and blacksmith techs for starters. Maybe a speed upgrade would be nice in Imperial?

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it is very annoying that Tower elephants do NOT get blacksmith attack upgrades nor incendiary arrows…HOwever Delhi is in a very very very veryyyy strong place AND they haven’t even fix all their bugs… (let that sink in);

Maybe let’s focus on something else first. Then comeback around to elephants. If anything the Warrior Elephant needs love; the Tower Elephants is extremely functional.

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Anything to make them more viable during the siegefest. They can’t catch siege, they are countered by all types besides trebs, and if they reach the base, they can hardly take down buildings.

If they were extremely functional, I’d use them every game, but they aren’t nearly as effective as pure mango+maa+rams, so I haven’t used one for maybe a week.

i’m sorry who are you?? YOu said

Why is it the Tower elephants usefulness is predicated on whether or not YOU use them??

Meanwhile in pro games, NC4 tournament to be specific, we can see Tower elephants being used often?

My experience with the N4C tournament was that almost in every match up, Delhi was banned by the opponent.

Rarely did I see any Delhi games. But i wasn’t following very closely so maybe I’m wrong.