Please change Persian & Turks Architecture to Cuman/Tatar 'Central Asian' set

Just adding to the chorus here, it’s been requested a lot, and considering the set is Persian architecture itself (more accurate for them than nomadic northern Cumans or Tatars!), it should be changed for them.

The blue-tile set is much more fitting for the Turks as well, especially considering the Cumans and Tatars are Turkic cultures already.

Leaving just Berbers & Saracens having the old ‘Middle-Eastern’ architecture is fine.


@Yevardian Definitely agree with you. I wouldn’t mind seeing Indian Architecture with Hindustani Castle on Persians either since it contains those Tajs and Elephants which definitely fits the theme.
The Hindustani Castle looks very Persian. And the Indian monastery looks close to Persian Fire Temple. The caravansarai will fit more with Indian style.

The Middle East style doesn’t fit for Persians. They were never desert people. The Arabs influenced less the Persians than the Persians influenced to the Arabs.

@Yevardian Having the Turks use Central Asian Set is also a good idea as after all they too are the descendants of Turkic people.

I disagree on this one. The central Asia and the middle eastern sets both fits the turks for historical reasons, but I think it’s good to keep the middle eastern for visual variety and, maybe, staying a bit closer to the original game.

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@UnAutreVoyage Turks are fine with either of the architecture. They will also be fine with Mediterranean Architecture, you know why.

But Persians definitely need a change from Middle East. Either give them Central Asian or Indian with Hindustani Castle.


Variety? Nothing is being removed, it just fits Persians and Turks better. Also Central Asian set only used by 2 civs anyway

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Of I agree with the Persian having the central Asia set, as did many others on a recent thread with a poll.