Please consider adding an option for picking servers in matchmaking

Here’s the detail about me and most chinese players’ latency situation.
Idk about people in other regions but it has always been the case for us, so far.
Latency under 300 ping is fine, but almost 500 ping on brazil server is really unenjoyable.
It prob will hurt the efficiency of matchmaking if everyone can ban any server, but please at least consider sth like: if the ping hits a certain mark, the server is ban-able.
A lot of games have this function as well.

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Game Version:

  • Build: Current
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: Shed


I am an Australian player and when I play 1v1s I am finding that I am playing a lot of games on the Brazilian Server, to me this makes completely 0 sense as this gives me at least +500 ping and usually I am playing against a South American who is on 100 ping this gives them an inherent advantage in the game. However this is not the only issue, I have seen examples of players from the Australian/Asian regions playing games vs each other on the Brazilian server when there are actually 7 other servers that provide better ping. Is there a reason why we are forced on the Brazilian server so much?

Same issue here, 90%+ of my ranked team games were played on the brazil server, yet none of the players told me they are from south america so far.

EDIT: If you cant tell im from asia.

I’m tired of losing Elo because I’m playing in a server with 400 ping. Can the devs do something about this? I’ve just had 3 games with 400ms latency and had enough. The final game I just disconnected because I didn’t want to bother playing the game like that. Its totally ruining the experience and the only way to get an enjoyable game is if I play unranked and choose a more local server. Before the last patch it felt great playing ranked as there was minimal lag. I don’t know what the ■■■■ happened since then.

This is a really big issue and can be resolved so easily. allowing players to choose their servers can help so much. I just played a game in a brazil server and completely stopped moving because my pings reached over 500 up to 900. So I left the game thinking it was a disconnect of some sort (after waiting for a few minutes) only to realize that the game was still running. I even could spec the game I left.

I see a much better solution:
Match maker needs to take your ping into consideration by making matches. So if your ping to brazil server is too high, you just cant be play at that server.

Hello everyones!

I feel it’s not really fair when we are playing ranked game from Asia
when i play against any guy from europe or america i have to play on brazil server? Since my ping on brazil is very high and the game is not smooth, is there any way to fix this balance?
European or india server instead of putting it in brazil?image


I have friends from all over the world

Ranging from EU to Asia to USA and a few from South America

However games where neither or just one player is from South America and someone is from Asia. There is a huge game delay. I’m wondering how server priority works here as the best outcome for both players would be to play on West EU server or East US.

If its just european and south americans than west us east us works fine.

Indian server or EU west is also fine for South America and Asian.

But for some reason. Brazilian server is almost always preferred and this causes for laggy games in ranked matchmaking.

I think if possible. We should be able to choose server priority before game starts. Also during game we should know what server we are playing on as we can only currently find out after on aoe2 net site.

It can be placed next to where spectators are shown.


I have the same issue, all my "freezing " game occurs on the same server, the brazilian one, even with green ping

how do people know what server is in matchmaking?

It is visible in here -

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oh thanks, just checkd and one guy in my team DC’ed at beginning, it was the Brazilian server.

that server must be suspended.

It seems like always Brasil. I think the devs needs to fix that server. The server is the issue. Afterwards picking server isnt needed anymore.

Last 10 matches only brazil. Unplayable, not gonna play any game until this is fixed. None of the players are from SA either. Just add server prio to choose from. Fact that this isnt implemented yet is mind boggling to say the LEAST.