Please consider animating the buildings in the next patch/dlc

As they are making some changes to visuals, like making water and land look a little sharp, I was hoping that buildings too would be animated in the latest devs gameplay videos. but got disappointed again seeing TC chicken just stand there.


One of the things I loved about previous games is that buildings are not dead. It feels so satisfying when we see movement around our buildings, it also makes our town looks pretty. We see people working in them, we see life. and this adds so much immersion for me. I even remember feeling little guilty destroying them when they have so much life.




The lack of details in this game baffles me. How can a 2021 flagship game have still buildings or siege going poof? There is no downside of having them, it’s not like people are going to hate it just because horse in a stable moves. I am not sure if mods can do something about it, but if they release official fix/patches, that would be great.