Please consider double production when dock is on an Ovoo

I had an Ovoo near the shore. I thought if I built my dock within the influence I could make double fishing boats. I was surprised that it wasn’t available. Considering how rare it is to spawn like that I think it should be available for Mongols.

It is exactly because it is rare that it probably isn’t a feature.

Let me clarify. Double production with the Ovoo is powerful. And power in designing civilizations always needs to be counterbalanced, lest it falls to powercreep and inbalance between other civilizations–Imagine it like so, adding ice cubes to a cup of water will increase the water level, thus make it higher than the other cups with water.

Ovoo is powerful, so what? We already use it on regular military production buildings!!

The difference with docks is that, it is unpredictable. In fact, it is so powerful that it might just give an overwhelming edge to Mongols… and all just because of chance? So the issue becomes; if we allow this to happen, we obviously need to either A. make the bonus weaker for docks specifically, as to not create a swingy gameplay, and B. make stone more frequently spawn alongside the shore, to ensure that the feature is able to be utilized.

It does not make a lot of sense to be facing against a Mongol that 90% of the time will be bad in water, and the other 10% be monsters. It also doesn’t make sense to make that 10% a 100% without nerfing it, and it also does not make sense to make the bonus different than it is for regular production buildings, for the sake of consistency.

The easiest answer is to just leave it out. Mongols are meant to be a land based civilization, so it does follow some sense. And it allows for designers to avoid overdesigning a somewhat pointless feature. Remember, if it made it into the game, it would HAVE to be changed, or something else would have to be cut for its sake.