Please consider reducing Chinese Scout Line-of-Sight, it's too OP

Chinese Scouts can cover the map and grab all the sheep with ease in the dark age. Their LOS is too OP. If they must have better LOS than other civs, just make it a fraction bigger than normal.

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Why is it OP? having extra LOS is good but not game changing, as the scout speed remains the same.
The best scout in the game is the khan because he actually moves faster with his ability, which can boost other units too and respawns cost free when killed. Even then i wouldn`t say the khan is OP.

Also about game balance, the game is in a good state right now, but Chinese still have the lowest Win rate in the actual patch and has been that way for a couple months. If extra LOS was so OP why wouldn’t that reflect on win rate?


Tang bonus only has until you reach your next dynasty; which is typically a 6min or less Song Dynasty? Also in what Matchup or what rank level or what early to mind game window does China translate this “OP scouting” into wins?

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In fact, the Scout’s vision bonus is not lost with changing dynasty


sorry,It seems the developers have fixed this issue

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