Please devs, work on king of hill

people dont know king of hill exist, and king of hill has not had any change on defintive edition, its abandoned
maybe a few days ago a challenge event that says play a king of hill match was realesed but still people probably doesnt know how to create a king of hill match.
king of hill is a waste of time, no fun at all, because the timer is not shown on huge font size as if it were uninomportant, and to ruin king of hill mode even more, a player could be around 30 secs to win but other players dont know, because the time left to win is only displayed once the player has the fort, instead of always being displayed next to the name of player.
Also many Town centers dont appear on some maps when playing 8 players, because a trade route pass in middle of the town center.
Also fort instead of being on the middle in every map, it is placed at the bottom of the map, making it unnaccesible to other players.
No wonder why nobody plays king of hill.
Every player ive played with says its a cool mode, but once they realized all these downsides, it doesnt have fun anymore. Specially because it takes like 1 minute to kill a full army and nobody remember that a player only had 30 secs left to win, if time left to win could be displayed next to the name, all the time, and not only when controlling fort, it will be playable.

I used to play with friends king of hill free for all, but as every match ends on “i didnt know he had only 30 secons to win”, its not fun anymore.


before start to work on KOTH they need start … to work


Not all of these are downsides. Such as the fort spawning in various locations. You need to scout!

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scout is easy, what is not easy is going trough the other players base built around fort, so those players that are very far need to kill that other players base and not only army on fort to get the fort

Balancing maps for ffa will never be a focus.

shame, no more players

Some maps are designed for FFA but not all are made this way.

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You could always make a specific map pool for FFA.

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Certainly. As I said some are designed for ffa. I’m adding map sets to my map pack and will add a ffa set. Thanks for the idea.

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