Please do something about dodging / ALT F4

The amount of people abusing the matchmake system is worrying. And gents, if you just want to play specific settings create a custom game for the ones of your kind.

Just wait for a water fix and things will get better

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At the moment we can’t blame people for dodging certain maps to be fair.
Hopefully not only they nerf the hulk but they also do something about the “spin to win” mechanic too.


Im running a script dodging every map that is not archipelago. Have fun guys!

ELO from customs is not the same as in quick matches, some people may be trying to climb the ladder, but don’t want to play at an obvious disadvantage and waste an hour on a game they know they’re already gonna loose because everyone on the opposite team chose France, and you thought you’d try out Delhi or something.

Or do you just want french mirror matches all day?

Let people decide what they want to play.

Playing smurfs with 70/80/90% win rate doesn’t amuse me
I only tag 50/60% ppl and games are competitive and balanced enough most time
Dodging game in normal without a ranked mode that take years to pop seems fair enough and you can’t blame us