Please don't add attack range indicators like how AoE3:DE just did :(

Hmm, seems quite a bit different to me :man_shrugging: Being able to line up buildings in rows better, or being able to have the most organized looking town/empire on the map, doesn’t really equate to seeing the attack radius of your tower so you can optimally place them – saving stone, going undetected, etc.

Hehe, yep. I am enjoying the gameplay. But there are so many civs to keep track of in AoE2 now, I don’t really pay attention little things like that so much anymore. Over time, if I pick up such civ nuances, great; but if not, I’m not losing sleep over it :wink: I almost always play as Spanish, and set the enemy AIs to random civs to see variety in the units and structures. If the civs were markedly different like it sounds like they will be in AoE4, then I will definitely be paying more attention to that stuff.

But with AoE2, honestly, there are a ton of civs… and every civ I’ve tried feels pretty much the same to me with a couple minor nuances here and there. Once you know how to play the game with one civ really well, you know what paces you have to go through to win – and you know some civs will have bombard towers, others won’t, etc. I played with Sicilians the other day, not knowing anything about them except what their unique unit was, donjons, and they’re an infantry civ, and then I was off to the races. Trounced the AI. I’m sure there are pro strats for them, but for me, I just crank up thru the ages like I always do and play how I like to play. And when I see unique techs, buildings, or units here and there, I research them and check them out. Works for me! If I played as Khmers, I wouldn’t know they can garrison in houses offhand, but I’d check their tech tree at that time. However, I maybe played them once long ago and saw that unique trait, but it’s long forgotten. I’m not big into garrisoning, but it’s good that I can use that escape plan if I need to the next time I play them! :slight_smile: And when the AI is playing them, I’ll probably now notice and target houses with more vigor.

I’ve gotten all the expansions with CE, FE, HD, and now what DE has to offer + its expansion, so it’s a bit “info overload” at this point; I reached my saturation point on trying to keep track of all the civ nuances. I look at the tech tree on occasion, of course, but not a lot.

Because the one has some level of realism and the other introduced a completely new mechanic that makes the civ 10x easier to play and allows them to do stupid easy macro. They’re two completely different things.

But yeah “it’s so weird people don’t complain about the houses, i wonder why” :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: not

Definitely agree. But i wonder how many games on the ladder are settled by such differences. Like maybe at the highest levels games could be won or lost on such differences but i still doubt they make such a big impact on the out come of most matches. And ironically its the higher levels that will be less likely to use the range mods since they can judge the range well enough?

I was thinking about it more, and i truly the range indicators have such an insignificant role on the outcome of a match… for example map generation in itself has a MUCH larger role… like the following (i was on the side with all the gold, double back gold, double back stone)


opponent only had 1 back gold, 2 back stone, everything else was forward(including berries and BOTH boar), and he had 1 neutral stone, i literally have every single other resource…

range indicator would make such a tiny difference in a map where the opponent is on the back foot from the get go…

A) joke
B) I’m saying why don’t people complain that other civs can’t garrison in houses, if realism is what they’re so concerned about?

I absolutely agree with you. It’s kinda what happened to iTunes, for example: it hardly has anything to do with the old player it was before, now full of promotions, publicity, menus that do anything but- all for comercialization’s sake. I know it doesn’t have to do with gaming, but you get my point.

Just one more issue: the problem are not the developers, but the marketing guys. The same ones that prefer more expansions, DLC’s and stuff instead of fixing bugs. But you knew that too.

Anyway, agree with you 100%.

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age of mandala best range mod ever. this added range indicator is really bad


You know you can make it look like your grid. Don’t you? Just go to the game settings

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When you turn on player color it doesn’t match your grid color. (Player color is more desirable especially in tower rush imo) Even if you turn off player color the curve is too bold.

I just would add an opacity slider for it. IN player color mode looks really ugly, but in grey looks really good and not invasive


Range not working for me without tick on player colour. I can only see range at player colour

You may need to adjust its opacity via the far-left tab of settings screen, if you didn’t already try. The opacity is tied to the terrain grid opacity. So, make sure terrain grid opacity is, like, 38% Black, for example. Higher percentage makes more opaque

Sadly I feel it’s going to come for ranged units now it’s been added for buildings.

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Which would be the problem?

Nothing wrong with that if it’s available for all but quality shouldn’t be like the recently released building range indicators. The ones in AoE 3 DE are good.

I know you’re being sarcastic but they do look great.

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Dude, the game isnt realistic. The grid already doesnt make any sense by that way of thinking.

Not everything has to be about immersion.
(Not defending the change or the way it looks)

I think having colored bars above people’s heads is already sci-fi enough. Really breaks immersion.
Maybe medieval real-time radar maps as well.

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Similar to my reasons for disliking it on buildings. I feel it changes the character of the game if you just look at a circle rather than having to make a judgement. It eliminates an element of judgement/skill that even the pros sometimes get wrong. For units specifically it would effect microing. I go in to a lot more detail on why I dislike it for buildings here but a lot of it could be applied to units.


I don’t thinks so. In this area you can do it well for both, inmersion lovers and copetition game. Just making the UI helpers optional, like little trees, and Mandala’s stuff

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Most probably. (char limit)