Please don't add score in-game

Hello, I’ve just read the “what’s next for AoE4” and I saw they want to add the score system in game. The first RTS I’ve played seriously was SC, SC2. But now I was playing AoE2 and I loved it more than sc2 in some aaspects. Maybe I have the bias that in SC or WC u don’t have the score system. I thik it’s a mistake to add the score in-game (observing, casting, etc. I find is really helpful and necessary) because takes away some strategies. In AoE2 we can now just by looking the score if our enemy is ageing up or if he is already using army, or if he is exploring a lot or not, etc. So like this we can now sometimes how to answer to thing or we know when we need to scout or where in the map. I think we must have the sourprise of what is doing the enemy, and to push the scouting ability to try to know where is going. I don’t know, I don’t think it has many sense in a RTS. Yes, in the begining felt weird coming from AoE2 but I think it gives too many info


Looks like scoring will be only on custom games, but by the looks of it its implied that it won’t be avaliable on QS or ranked.


No panic, it is only coming for singleplayer and custom lobbies as an option.


Oh ok, if it’s like this I feel is ok

What info does score give except showing how far you are behind, so you can just quit early and save everyone’s precious time

One good example is a lot of very experienced players can tell when someone is aging up by their score, you can also kinda have an idea of how their eco and military are doing.
I personally prefer not having it cuz it adds at lot of suspense in the game as you don’t know if you are ahead or behind and makes you want to scout more.

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Im pretty sure you can tell if someone is booming based on their score.

In which case you can easily choose to rush them while they are still developing their bloated economy.

Whereas without score you’d have to scout their base and check if they have an army/military production.

This can be avoided, though, if the score is designed to not reveal that information. If a landmark building were given the same score as the resources spent on building it, at the point of starting to build it, there would be no jump in score. It could then gradually increase in value as it is built, to its final value, which reflects the extra value provided by the villager time spent on it.