Please don't do any more time limited events

You can even try infinite Resources game so you’ll always have rss to build up again

That phrase alone kept me thinking a lot about the meaning of the rant on your last post.

Anyway, you have the challenge unlocked?

My post was way far away from a rant. Thousands of miles away, in fact. Please don’t cast such serious inflammatory judgment on someone’s text words when you don’t know a person.

I trust you read the rest of my post, especially when I said, “The completionist in me is what drives me to want to complete all the challenges”?

And, yes, I completed the challenge. But not with a Wonder Race.

I’m sorry that I took it as a rant (?), but you were so sarcastic and hyperbolic about the subject that I can’t read it as something else.

Good thing! I’m enjoying a lot the fish portrait (I’m a sucker for all of them fish portraits), and you?

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At first, I thought the unlocked profile icons would be for here, the forums… but they are only for multiplayer matches, right? If so, that’s something I don’t care too much about, I’m afraid, as I said before.

The artwork is well done, though, and I truly appreciate the effort and gesture.

It reminds me a bit of the Little Big Planet game where you gather a bunch of outfits and stickers to play dress up with your character. Those didn’t feel like rewards to me; or, rather, they didn’t really add to my enjoyment level. My enjoyment of the game mainly came from solving puzzles, the act of finding/gathering some of those things, and completing levels. I’d rather those outfits and stickers were just points and “14 of 35 Collected” types of thing.

But it’s truly okay. If there’s a choice between having special events on occasion and not having special events? I totally vote for having special events.

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Best way to beat the extreme AI is a 7v1. That counted for the challenge :smiley:

Edit: if no one has done this already, I’d be willing to upload the Lunar cosmetic mods for people to get once the event is over.


They’re getting removed/disabled once the event is over, even if you have them downloaded :frowning:

Really? And how do you know that? I still have my winter celebration mods.

It’s explicitly stated on the blog post.

Oh, I’ve seen now, that’s really sad!

The Lunar New Year mods are only available during the event and will automatically disable on February 4th.

We only get to keep the portraits. So, @Zetnus, your upload will be really welcome. xD

Even if they get uploaded, they won’t be usable - They’re getting disabled on the 4th, even if they’re downloaded :frowning:

Oh, that seems strange. I think it should be added as a mod to your game you can enable/disable at your leisure whenever you want. If not permanently, then at least for a month or so.

I second this. Not too hot about the Chinese New Year profile icons but just want the Winter Celebration background back. Event specific unlockables are nice but the time limit is something that is more suited for a persistent world massively online multiplayer game than an old school historical RTS. Just my opinion.

Also I wouldn’t go as far as to say stop doing time limited events completely because they certainly do add a feeling of fun and celebration but maybe add a way to unlock them after the event is over with some sort of compromise like an increased number of requirements, slightly increased difficulty etc.

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Right. Assuming they actually remove them - which is a big “if” given that they said the same thing about the winter mod, and that still exists - I’ve saved a local copy of all of them.

You can get the winter background by navigating to AoE2DE\widgetui\textures\backgrounds and renaming into

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They actually said you could keep the winter mod if you’d downloaded it previously; they’ve explicitly said you can’t keep these ones even if they’ve been downloaded.

Please upload it as a mod :smiley:

almost all popular games have time limited events, dota2-csgo-lol-rainbow-fortnite etc. its a way to encourage people to play the game and get some cosmetics ( which in aoe2de’s case, the cosmetics that they give you are srsly just some basic boring CRAP xD )
im sorry, i dont wanna be rude, but if you decide to drop a game only because you werent able to play during its time limited event, then its a problem on your end and YOU should work on it, not the game developers! it shouldnt discourage you this much
in my opinion having time limited events shows the game is alive and the devs care about their games and players, it just gives a positive energy to everyone. ofc there is many other ways to show the things i mentioned, but having time limited events is one of the most popular ways to show it

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Will I be also getting back the snowfall effect or just the background? The background would feel incomplete without the snow effect.

I maybe did it an easier way? 1 vs 1 Wonder Race (I think it’s called, where you race to one wonder and bring it home), Tiny map, post-imperial, infinite resources, map fully revealed, 25 population max, etc. Took maybe 2 minutes to win :wink:

In case of 7 humans vs 1 extreme AI all 7 humans will get the achievement. It is both efficient, smart and funny thing to do :smiley:

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