Please don't forget us singleplayers!

I am very hyped for the huge November update after watching the preview video you uploaded yesterday. But as much as I’m happy, I’m also afraid that singleplayers will go away empty-handed. Don’t get me wrong, I love the new gamemode, the new quickplay function and all the other amazing things you showed us in the video, as they are all attracting new players and help growing the game. However, most of these things will only affect the multiplayer experience.

There are also a lot of players like me who just want to play alone vs the AI. I’d love to see some new campaigns (Lithuanians!), some new historical battles and maybe a few new civs in the future (there are still plenty of ideas for unique civ bonuses -> e.g. AoE2 Civ Concepts LLC Mod). I also would love to see regional unit/architecture skin packs to make the game even more beautiful.

I’m sure that I’m not the only one who would like to see more singleplayer content.

What are your thoughts about the November update and which singleplayer content do you want to see in the future?


Won’t play the Battle Royale mode. So far, the november update is pretty dissappointing for me.

I’m hoping for an expansion à la “The Last Khan” though I think a campaign pack or regional skin pack is more likely to happen.

Would love to see some North American and Central African representatives.


From a general perspective it’s not dissapointing as I love watching competitive games and I’m looking forward too watch pro players play the new battle royal mode. From a pure singleplayer perspective though you are right. Apart from the balance changes there is basically nothing interesting for singleplayers.


They have done multiple changes to the AI so far, and I dont think they stop doing that.

Another thing is making new campaigns…

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I imagine any new game modes will be available for both SP and MP. For example, you can play Empire Wars in SP I’m sure.

I somehow doubt the AI’s ability to play BR properly, but there isn’t that much information on how that mode will work anyway, so it’s just speculation.

New campaigns are always welcome, but I think we’re already oversaturated with civs (from a gameplay standpoint) and I do not think the devs intend to add more of them.


Yes of course, if the AI is capable of playing BR properly, it could be fun.

I just found out something very interesting:

Looks like we really get 3 new campaigns! :smiley:

Mods prove the opposite in my opinion but that’s my opinion like I said.

A co-op mode similar to SC2 or something similar to provide monthly fresh content for players who like playing against the A.I (Not the coop vs A.I. in a multiplayer map) besides the monthly events. I’m referring to official co-op campaigns style/historical scenarios with quality of life features.

  • You can invite a friend or queue with a random stranger then play some tactical missions against A.I. campaign like missions.
  • Gameplay may last up to 30 mins depending on difficulty and mission type.
  • This game mode is meant for new and casual players who finished the campaigns and historical scenarios but don’t want to stress themselves in multiplayer.
  • A way to add more civilizations without affecting multiplayer balance.
  • Mission type may include tower defense, escort the payload etc.
  • May have their own leaderboards like speed runs, etc.
  • Exclusive rewards like Civ banners, Heroic Icons, Titles, etc.

There are lots of potential for co-op here in Age of Empires 2 DE.


Maybe if we get a new civ once a year until a maximum total of 40? It would keep the game interesting in the long run for sure.


That’s an amazing idea! I would love to see that too. Even though the game is 20 years old and already has an insane amount of content, even after such a long time there are still so many possibilities to add interesting content to the game.


Mods are great but in my experience the amount of iteration required to create an actually balanced civ is beyond the scope of mods since they don’t necessarily take MP in mind.

I personally would not care for new civs unless they fill some niche that isn’t already covered by the existing 35, and IMO that’s a lot easier said than done properly.

I mean, sure, but I personally think there are far more interesting ways to keep the game fresh than just adding more civs.

Like other users mentioned: new campaigns, challenge scenarios (like ones we’ve already seen), and even co-op scenarios (which hasn’t been done before in any official capacity) would be a better use of dev time, IMO.


Kinda off-topic but are the challenge scenarios all gone now? I’m not able to find them.

As far as I can remember the devs plan to keep all the challenge scenarios under a single tab in a future update with leaderboards. Idk if that will come with the Nov update though.


It’s very likely that the challenges tab will come with the Nov update.

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You are probably right. But what I don’t understand is why they don’t give us the opportunity to mod new civs into the game. I mean it worked before DE. Maybe they are holding this function back on purpose?


Yeah, we still dont all the details about the current patch and people are already whining about the devs forget SP. Maybe it is just better to wait till we see the full patch notes.

I was under the impression that data mods with new civs already exist in the mod center, is this not the case?

it would be great if they add more campaigns or historical battles


No, none that do not replace other civs.

Except all of these mods have either broken or useless civs.

While i think that we have more than enough civs (and i’m fully behind the dev who said that there was an onversaturation of civs), I’d love some new campaigns. Maybe some original skin would be welcome, even tho i would not use them in MP

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