Please don't forget us singleplayers!

So were most if not all expansion civs, even those from Ensemble.

The balance support is what matters. I genuinely think you can still design unique civs, especially if you look outside of Eurasia.

I just hope there will be new SP content, preferably something which affects SP skirmishes, the game mode I play the most.


Not “cavalier in castle age” or ■■■■■■■■ like that broken

How much do you care about balance?

If you play (primarily) SP it’s understandable you wouldn’t care about balance too much. Only those things the AI was able to exploit would need to matter to you. And as you argued yourself, you’d be representing the majority of people who own AOE2.

At least I understood your protest against 2-pop units from this perspective, but I could have been wrong.

@Nheltarion, you lack some imagination.

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Without bloodlines, a Chevalier in Castle Age is like a slightly better FU Knight. Might remember wrong though. If that’s still too strong you can take away Scale Barding armour and/or Iron Forging. It’s definitely feasible in some way with some tech tree balancing I think.

Not needing houses and being able to build a second TC in Feudal was completely broken too. It’s pretty much fine now.

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Either you end up giving them a way too strong option (+2/+2 cavalier in castle age would just be overwhelmingly good and that applies to 1v1 too) or you end giving them a really bad option by removing part of the tech tree.

Those are totally different things from 1 more upgrade in the castle age stable to one of the most common unit in the game. You are talking about +20 hp and +2 attack. You are giving them one of the most strong power spike in castle age (and no, capped ram for cuman is not even close to this).
Stick to SP and leave MP alone man

a cavalier without bloodlines has the same health as a knight with bloodlines, and no extra defense. it has +2 extra attack, which would fall in line with a Lithuanian knight with 2 relics.

before they research cavalier their knights would actually be inferior to most civs.


The civ has bloodlines too as far as i remember. +2 attack and + 20 attack is a big deal. Hell, even the +2 attack only is a big deal

Maybe you can play the battle royale mode against AI only.
If not, it would be easy for them to implement, so you can request that.

Did you ever wonder why all the Battle Royale Games from PUBG to Apex Legends don’t have vs A.I.? It just doesn’t feel the same way since that game mode is purely designed for a Player versus Player or a multiplayer environment.

Thus I wouldn’t really consider playing a Battle Royale vs A.I. mode as “Singleplayer”.

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Good points.

But that will be the first aproach, and maybe it could lead to one tower defense game mode.

Also, it is not the same playing against an AI in a shooter rather than in a strategy game.