Please, *don't* make too many things optional

Not talking about graphics/audio and other cosmetic stuff here, this should be adjustable of course

In several discussions out there I’ve seen petitions to make certain possible gameplay features (auto-farms, gates, formations and that kind of stuff) optional, ie. enabling/disabling them from the game. While it might seem like a nice idea at the first glance - I urge you not to implement any system of that kind, especially as we’ll have remastered/classic format split. Why?

In AoE, we already have large difference between groups of RM/DM players. There also come personal map tastes, as some people like or dislike certain maps, and there may be different game modes like Nomad/Regicide etc. kind of stuff which further divides the players. While it’s nice to have so many options, with a limited playerbase I’m afraid it’ll turn into a total mess, with everyone playing their favourite “version” of the game. Not even talking about the mods.

To sum up - please, make the game in two clear, unified formats for remastered/classic version and stick to them, and even if some people will be upset about a few gameplay details it’ll be healthier for the community.

I agree. But you have nothing to worry about. Too many options is the death sentence of any competitive multiplayer rts. MS won’t risk it

Totally agree on this one. How it was in the original game was fine.

I agree too. too many options also make game more complicated. Some players may not understand which option is better or which option makes gameplay easier. Some players just want to kill some enemies, so they make everything automatic. But there some players like me to try hard. So as you said this thing split players to different groups.