Please don't ruin the game with MTX

Do you guys have any guesses as to what the tuning packs are ?

They were in the settings in lobby in the beta.

People have said it’s a feature from COH.
Its some form of mod support it seems.

To put into perspective this seems to be the level of Tuning pack modding available:

Can’t remember if that was being talked about in any interviews with developers. Can be anything from visual overhauls to game rulesets tailored for specific game modes, tournament play, events.
No idea, sorry.

100% agree.
They going on SC2 path but sc2 died… at least it stopped making money and game was closed.

With aoe4 the story is a little different, they can produce a number of DLCs with new civs.
+2 civ every year.
but with 60$ and let’s say 30$ DLCs the multiplayer will eventually die.
Even SC2 have to make game “free” at some point.

PS And unlike shooters (battlefield5 etc) which can survive with one server and 1000 active players.
RTS need a healthy number of players constantly for searching game.
But the good news they can experiment and redesign if they want.

Uh-oh. This doesn’t place Age of Empires Online on par with the numbered titles of the series. Andy, where are you? :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:

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I swear to the gods, if I see a bunch of knights with lightsabers running down archers with M1 garands firing rubber ducks I’m done.

Jokes aside, some cosmetics can be good but only of they’re accurate and not absurdly outlandish. Winged hussars skins for the lancers, sure. Recurve bows for archers, sure. American flag jerseys on landsknechts? Please no.

The only way I’d want skins implemented is if there’s an option to not see them. Imagine how terrible the readability would be.


One of Relic’s other games, Company of Heroes, a WWII RTS, allows for some wacky skins but it lets players check a box for “historical skins only.” So that you don’t see a halloween-themed Tiger tank coming through with blood all over the front of it lol.

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I wonder how much money they would have made if AoE2 would have been Free to Play since its release but instead you would have had to buy civilizations individually (or unlock them with experience points you gain thru playing).

In AoE4 that would not work that well since you will NEVER have that many civs.

This is one of the worst parts of League of legends and I hate it.
The whole “unlock through experience” is just a purposely annoying model to encourage sales out of frustration.

Really ? I found it to be suuuuuper easy to just unlock whatever I want by playing.

And I was never really “anoyed” by the revenue model, I did spend some money on skins, never on champions.

Dota 2 is also free to play but you have all the heroes available to you.
IMO thats much better.
Skins are just something you can buy on the side.

Really depends on what kind of player you are. I never had a problem with it either but I also tend to play very few champions and have played the same role for more than 5 years. If you play more than one role, enjoy playing a variety of champions, and aren’t playing a ton of games you kinda need to spend money to have fun.

In the end aoe2 has the same model but without the option to get new civs by playing.