Please enhance Haudenosonians theAge Four Experience Card

A year ago, the Haudenosonians received a new card in an update, while Era IV received a new card with enhanced experience feedback from the creation unit. This card is meaningless in regular matches, and the purpose of adding it should be to strengthen its performance in treaty games, increase more shipping, and obtain more unlimited boxes to solve the resource problem of using up gold and cutting down wood, But the designer did not consider the limitation of shipping speed, and the number of boxes obtained per minute is limited, which makes the positioning of this card awkward and almost no one uses it. Please give it an additional effect so that it can improve shipping speed like Spain and Japan, otherwise the design of this card is meaningless

They buffed shipment speed for everyone at imperial age, but for aztec crates hahahahahaha what a joke

What if there was instead a card similar to Hausa’s Sokoto Chronicle that lets you transform Travois into crates of wood? That would let you make use of the Plaza to make wood instead of having to ship it.

In the treaty model, the square can only use the dance of increased production speed, otherwise his troop dispatch speed is very slow compared to other countries

The Aztec gold chest made him difficult to entangle in the later stages, but Iroquois did not have such a problem, his troops needed gold so badly that once the gold from the fur trade was used up, it was basically declared out

Then revert it for everyone. It feels too unfair to add a change to boost everyone but a civ.

About aztec economy, they suffer a lot to just counter enemy armies. They have to spend huge quantities of food in training army continously. Despite having nuclear farms their food go down.

Europeans get 2 factories in more less 15 min, aztecs have to wait until 40-50 min to start sending crates, that time difference are 30.000 extra resources for europeans, wood 99% of the times. Wood that aztecs have to chop, not just to upgrade units but to build too

And, if for any reason you have to turtle (supremacy, FFA…) that gold income just stops.

Getting that much XP (the only War Chief bonus) feels useless if aztecs stack 7-8 shipments


  • lakota get >7.500 food shipments while their villagers get coin and XP, becoming them the most productive (with Hauds). Also, both civs got a 20% increase on plaza while aztecs just a sad 5%. (Plus free villagers to work plus XP on the treaty)

  • Also, everyone got better walls with extensive fortifications, aztecs ones didnt change. Indeed Town dance, Age up and Travois HP were nerfed because we didnt want turtles, ironic.

The production team always worked to solve the problems of European countries, as if in their perception that the strength of European countries was taken for granted, and the slightest enhancement of the natives would be resisted and demanded to be weakened by the group of stubborn European players, and the production team never solved the problems of the natives The problem of the Incas and Aztecs against artillery, and the problem of the Iroquois producing gold later in the game

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While other civilizations gained acceleration in card transportation during the Empire era, the Aztecs gained an “advantage” of gold sending time+50% to 60 seconds

60s that were the original time before that change. So everyone get faster shipments but aztecs