Please enhance Mongol villager AI when depositing gold with the Steppe Redoubt

I will typically have a TC near my gold mine for shelter. Please enhance the Mongol villager AI so if it detects a Steppe Redoubt within the radius of the gold mine, it will choose to deposit there instead of any other drop-off (e.g. TC or Ger). Currently, if the Steppe Redoubt is on one side and a TC is on the other, villagers will favor whichever drop-off is closer to their side, which is undesirable.

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Villagers just go to the nearest building to deposit resources, it’s your duty to place the TC and the Steppe good.


While i am in favor of the idea.

Protip: put all the vills u want to mine for gold on building the redoubt. They will line up next to the redoubt and deliver.

Another tip is shift click rally point onto the redoubt and then onto gold.