Please every game is a ram rush Feudal

They either cripple you and win with their untouched economy or they just straight up kill you, Rams are too tanky and im tired of playing against ram rush every single game.


Do you know that you can now target with your TC?
Which means you can garrison units inside it and shoot enemies except for rams and then use vills to burn the rams?

This meta is old and doesn’t work anymore mate


I’ve lost 5 games in a row vs the same ram rush stategies… so it seems to be working and is happening every game… maybe not to pros but im not a pro


Watch youtube at least.
And try to understand why it doesn’t work anymore.


Really cause 6 games in a row means it working on me they are so tanky and they just work around the tc.

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@Exposians do this and win.

also if they can ram rush so can you

you have to scout and be prepared for it


7 Ram rushes in a row… how is ram rushing back the answer to the problem i have… I dont like thats its good and is in every game

IM honestly just gonig from 1260 elo to 1100 and falling because im just tired of the ram rush that is in this elo.

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whats your gamertag, i can watch your historical games and tell you exactly what you are doing wrong, and how you can counter it

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Rams cost 300 wood each.

If you scout it coming you can do MAA/archer to beat it back and have homefield adv

After 7 loss streak vs ram rush, won 4 in a row but the opponents let me be the aggressor, honestly I believe whoever is aggressive causing lack of village uptime is usually the winner because their eco is left unchecked… I still despise rams.


They already nerfed ram rush twice. The rams are much weaker against torch from units by now, and the main TC can target enemies. It’s quite hard to make a ram rush now. I assume your scouting is not good. Either create more scouts or just make outposts for critical areas, ram rush is not that fast you have to know about it.

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You can attack me as much as you want but rams seem hard to balance and if I played 14 games and 9 of them are ram rushes that should still raise eyebrows. its silly all in that still is over tuned.

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Giving tc the ability the attack Should of always been there and IS not a dirrect nerf to the ram, so your wrong the ram recieved only 1 nerf big buff vs range so if your making archers to counter their obvious mass archers that ram rushers do, you have to use villagers who lose gathering time and potential death. and if you say horsemen are the answer after their nerfs…

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There it is Ram rushers are just swarming nice attack, They are not okay if my games are 80% ram rushes it seems to show that the people climbing are ram rushers. When I got to top 3k Ram rush was the only strategy I was playing against you can attack me all you want but winners are usually the aggressor with rams, it is worth the “expensive” rams.

Thats like calling Professional scouts “expensive” when things pay for themselves they are good.

I play with Mongols as my main. I lose a lot against England because I am always late with my archers to counter their longbows. So they build rams and try to push me. But when I did proper scouting I was able to defend myself against it. And I could do it before this patch, I liked the ram taunt system a lot, and I think this TC targeting is terrible.

I dont know where this proper scouting thing is coming from, most of my Games i KNOW they are ram rushing… So i must just be giant noob to be tired of ram rushing in almost every game… thats what this thread is about.


Try delaying the Push by getting around 6-8 horseman out as fast as possible and annoy him at his base. Dont loose them, he will not move out as long as you have a threat close to his base.
Take that time to build up more army, add archers and more horseman.

Works for me most of the time.

Basically if you KNOW they are ram rushing it is just about getting more archers on the field then they have.

Since you defend at base your newly built archers are right at your fingertips while they only got what they brought to your base.

Ignore the ram until you did kill a substantial amount of archers, don’t pull in your vills too early since that is too much downtime for your economy. They had to invest quite a bit into that ram, so that is your advantage right there. You always should have 2 archery ranges, 1 won’t ever be enough.