Please fix granadier they are runing team games

What is wrong with devs? Since game release they still haven’t fixed grenadier! Grenadier now counter mangonels lol. Also can we talk about nested bees. Why are not they nerfed just like mangonel? Mangonel used be good against infantry mass. Now they are pretty much useless against any infantry. And thats not big issue if devs are consistent. Nested Bees still melt units so Nested Bees + Bombard spam is still viable. Mix in some grenadier and you got composition with no counter. Nerf nested bees just like you did for mangonel. Greately reduce granadier HP and give archers university imperial tech to increase range by +1 so they can kite grenadier. Grenadier should only get +1 range when on walls instead of +2.

I think what ruined this game was obsession on competitive 1v1 and throwing away the rest of the community.

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Grenadiers are expensive. They need you to reach Imperial twice in order to be able to build them. And on top of all of that, they’re pretty slow unit.

They are fine.

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Thats not an excuse for having this broken unit with no counter. In 3v3 or 4v4 you can easily reach late-game and spam grenadier. And no they are not expensive at all. Around spirit way they are really cheap.

There’s no point in discussing something if you’re just going to speak made up things.

In your world 3v3 and 4vs4 does not exist?

sure it does but he is right . Granadiers are not the focus of developers because reaching them includes : Going to imperial and THEN building the other imperial landmark to get to Ming dinasty , then you can make them . And they are EXPENSIVE .

But yes , i shall agree that maybe they need some nerf

100 agree. focus was how to drop playerbase from 70k to 7k. not to balance imperial.

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exactly lmao , read the last part

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i agree that they need a nerf , but the drop of player has nothing to do with granadiers lul.

Have you played 4v4? Now map sizes are reduced its much more fun and viable to play 4v4 matches. But when you see a closed map and two chinese opponents you know game isnt gonna be fun. On open maps you can easily take out booming chinese civ but not possible on closed map. Either they are gonna sneak 100 FLs through some wall, spam nested bees + bombard with villagers repairing them. Or trashing everything with granadiers.

Everyone understands what you think.“I’m sad, I hate everything about Chinese. I want him to be at a disadvantage in every situation. Or delete Chinese!”

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just nerf nest of bee like Relic did with mangonel it’s quite unfair Chinese still have the only OP siege unit in the game
one three or four NOB can blow up 50 MAA at imperial age