Please fix response delay in multiplayer

Whenever I play aoe4 in multiplayer, I got a MASSIVE response delay.
Everything you do ingame feels massively delayed and indirect.
Something I have not really had in other RTS games.
I know certainly that this is not about my internet connection as I play other games where I got a very low ping, for example 8ms in league of legends and also very low ping in cs2.
League for example feels absolutely buttersmooth.
No problems there.

Whereas in aoe4, everthing is delayed.
It is not just about the unit animations, these might come on top of it…
But it is also placing a blueprint of a building, queueing units or clicking on an upgrade.
EVERYTHING feels massively delayed.

As this game is supposed to be a competitive e-sports title, please fix.

It makes the game feel very indirect and also prevents a player with superior micro-management in fights build on his advantage as it makes the units less controllable.