Please Fix Targeting Units Behind Buildings

Please do something about the targeting of units behind buildings. I can’t count the number of games I have lost because somebody is proxying buildings or castle dropping and I try to tell the units to to attack the workers making the building and it will only let me click on the building.

The only work around I have been able to find so far is to zoom in to the smallest possible level and then I have more success targeting the villagers, but I shouldn’t have to zoom in. Even if you do not agree that all units behind buildings should have selection priority over buildings, villagers should have selection priority over buildings.


I have this problem a lot with onagers, but the work around I use it to put any other units on patrol near the castle in progress and they will move to attack the villagers behind the building. Still it would be nice to be able to target enemy units behind building easier. You can attack ground with onagers too but it’s not as exact as being able to right click the enemy unit. Bombard canons right behind a building can’t be clicked often as well

That’s weird because one of the first thing I noticed in the AoE2DE beta is that unlike in AoEDE I had 0 problem to click units next to a building.

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definitely had the same issue, cant count how many times ive tried to shoto villagers building a tower with one of my own towers

the patrol command is a nice work around (still needs to be fixed though) for troops, but buildings ur screwed

even with zoom i cant click enemy villagers, sometimes. it s the same also with some trees or even walls. they are not selectable.

How to click on the vills building the castle? If i click, my units go to attack castle.

In the end this cost me the game. Now the castle did go up. Otherwise it wouldnt.

I learned one thing: You have to send you military just behind the vills and let them auto attack the vills.

This seems to me bad design.


Indeed, it’s a design that unintentionally works very poorly in games.

I included this problematic situation in a thread about Malfunctioning Mechanics - number 2.

You can find it here:
07-05-2020 | Malfunctioning Mechanics | #101.101.36906.0_4941835

Indeed very annoying. When you use patrol, it usually works, though.

Bumping this because it’s still a very annoying and prominent issue

When will this be fixed?!