Please Fix the Bug, the game keeps crashing in Rank

A normal 1v1 rank match with no mods installed with good pc specs and graphics set to low for more fps, but the game still crashes in rank mainly encountered
With all 2080ti video card drivers installed.

I lost at least 2 3 times in rank placement just for the crash, it’s ruining the game experience so much.

Now I try to disable the Xbox game bar, maybe it creates conflict with the game.


I have the same issue since last update (7.1.113) ! I was crashing after aging up and now I’m not crashing on age up but randomly ingame. I lose 1 game every day because of it.

I tried everything. Lower graphic, uninstall the game, have all updates, claused every app behind while playing etc…

Please fix it cause without anything from your part, I will leave the game…

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my problem is the same no matter what i do the game crashes. i dropped from gold 2 to bronze 3. :S

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Thanks, problem solved by the way.
Solution: send a mail to devs on there website, they will fix it.

It hadn’t happened to me again but after the last Halloween update it reappeared.