Please , fix the game once and for all

Sometimes in my games I get frozen for few seconds and after that it starts a “speedrun” until i catch up the game time . I thought that is from my network connection , but I asked some friends and it

happens to them too . In my last game I got frozen again and waited few seconds , but this time the “speedrun” didn’t start (you can see this in the screenshot below) . I paused the game and waited few minutes and nothing happened . I couldn’t catch up the game time . I unpaused but the game still frozen . The game crashed (at least just the match cause I could quit it and see the stats). This wasn’t the first time when the game crashed . Happened before in more stupid ways , but this is one of them .
And now a message to devs : Please , focus on game stability . No one cares about events and stuff like that (I’m sure nobody says : “The game works so bad , but at least we get nice events”). I know that you are focusing now on Age of Empires IV , because that’s the game Microsoft wants to strike , but Age of Empires II is still the most popular game from the franchise with a big and beautiful community. Please , make it playable . And remember , we will also be the ones who will play Age of Empires IV , but we will not be curious to play a game that comes from the same devs who could not stabilize Age of Empires II DE .
In the end , I wish you success in what you want to do .