Please Fix the Quick Match Making ASAP!

Ever since the January 2022 Update. Quick Match games are always imbalance!

In a 4v4 Games
Either two of us will kill the other 4 players and finish the game. Or two of them kill the 4 of us!
What is going on?
Pro vs Noob at its best?

I don’t mind waiting 5 minutes for a game in Quick Match.
But I do mind to be able to blacklist map. Because some people don’t like certain maps and quit after they found out a water map. This is a waste of time…


me and my brother are both fairly competent and like to play 3v3/4v4.

But for whatever reason the matchmaking system keeps giving us the most passive and useless allies.

The kind of players who will spend ten minutes walling in their own base rather than 30 seconds blocking a cut off instead. If the enemy harasses their resources they will just keep sending more villagers to replace them rather than counter their enemy.

They will build all their landmarks in a tight little blob

Then they Build one barracks, one archery range and one stables and set about building aesthetically pleasing little set piece armies which then get rolled by the enemy siege blob.

They’re utterly immune to pings for help sit in their base even if the enemy has built a wonder.

It’s like they’re bots set to super easy.

I dunno, it’s just an infuriating playstyle to have on your team and you end up trapped in a vicious elo cycle because of it.

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Yesterday I played with an English ally, and I will give him the benefit of the doubt and assume it was among his first games online in his life because, after 40 minutes, his only means of producing units was his landmark. Of course, no effort on the part of myself or my other ally was going to make up for a void like that.

I usually try to help my allies out with advice on what to do in the chat, however, I’m not sure how often I am matched with those able to understand either English or Spanish due to how often I receive nothing back, either in text or in action. My other languages are not sufficient for greater communication, especially Chinese.

Do you play often? I wouldn’t mind jumping into some games with competent players.

I literally had a teammate who didn’t even close off his walls or connect them to trees, just large segments of walls and huge gaps on either side, literally how a really bad AI plays, kept all his troops in his base and literally did nothing as I 1v2d the entire other team, walled off the entire map, and got sacred victory.


I believe the most common problem we face amongst lower ELO allies, bless their souls, is the inability to keep an active aggression to compliment what you are trying to achieve, such as sacred site victory. In just about every game, we will see one ally that never moves his production of units forward as ground is gained on the opposing team.

I try to muse on other things and maintain a positive outlook in order to stave off frustrations.

I think, perhaps, some of the issue arises from premade teams of just two players with a considerable difference in their ELO, like, say, an 1150 & a 920, but I don’t know.

Keep in mind I am VERY vocal, I was telling him to be more aggressive, trying to give tips of where to build his barbican to help me out and trying to get him to help wall

Even after I had completely walled off the entire map he continued to wall useless places wasting resources he could’ve used on castles on the front.

I try my best to talk in chat and help out what I presume are new players, I thought he didn’t speak English, until he started responding in the last 10 mins.

I just have come to the conclusion I should not play with randoms anymore.

Same happened to me once in 2v2 long long ago. The player was doing exactly as you said. We were winning, all I needed from him was a little support. I was able to push back enemies from mid but he wouldn’t do anything. Making walls and every military building type. Then placing trebs on each corner of his castle. Made units of each type. Even if he had pushed with them along with me, we could have won. But nah. We lost mid. They were able to make a lot of units.

I think these are either bots or kids. New kids coming to this game might think its a city building or tower defense game.