Please fix those issues before abandoning the game

Just in case any of the devs are actually reading this forum (which looks unlikely)

The current state of the game is broken, and it needs a bit of fixing before the attention of the devs completely shifts to other stuff

Here is a list of issues as of 1 Jan 2024 that need

  • Pathing is completely broken, units just takes “a path” rather than the best path, which eventually leads to units taking a path that gets them killed [either by enemy units of defensive arrows]

  • Units sometimes move backwards before moving to their intended destination [which makes micro completely impossible in some situation, specially against onagers]

  • Units completely freeze and not respond to the players commands, this does happen alot specially with trebuchets and rams, they just ignore the command completely and not move

  • List of Broken civs / units that needs attention

    1. Dravidians archer elephants
      +25% attach and health regeneration + siege onager access … makes this unit combo cost effective against anything you throw back at it

    2. Boyar
      It trades very efficiently against main counter unit (fully upgraded halb), and has a massive pierce armor which makes archers also not effective

    3. Monaspa
      Probably alot have complained about this unit already, still very broken

  • Lobby system
    Do not segregate into "unranked / 1 v 1 DM / team DM and just make everything into one lobby like in AOE:HD, there doesn’t seem to be any attempt to change how the lobby system works so atleast fix this small issue

  • Bring back deathmatch to ranked queue
    I believe the EW experiment has ended and I don’t think it succeeded. Give us back the game mode that has been there since forever

  • Remove Language censorship
    Doesn’t help, only hurts. and everybody has already complained about it. Communication is getting very hard in game. We don’t want this to be there forever while the game gets abandoned

  • Villagers sometimes not reported as idle when they get stuck
    this is very situational but still happens, so unless you notice them in time they just give u a decent idle time


I agree with everything except this:

Dravidian Ele archers aren’t broken by any means, no Bloodlines, no Parthian Tactics or Husbandry, civ also lacks Siege Engineers, better siege civs counter them, as well Monks with Redemption + Block Printing, the true brken ones are the Bengali Elepahnt Archers.

WTF man what ELO are you I mean, Boyars vs Halbs and Camels and Halbs are just the same (or worse) as Paladins, go and check aoe 2 database…

  1. Why do you thing they would abandon the game? They announced last year that they are rewriting the AoE2 engine from the ground up, that’s the opposite of abandoning the game.
  2. Why do you think they don’t read the forums? Just because they don’t do everything people ask for?

Where did u get information that they gonna “rewriting the AoE2 engine from the ground up”?

I forgot the exact wording but it was in some of the official News articles I think.
It was from some official source for sure.

But they didn’t go into detail so we don’t know how much they are actually reworking nor do we know how much will change in practice.

“Abandoning the game”
Is this prank day somewhere in the world?


If it stop bringing them money … it will happen eventually

or would they keep adding civs until the game is completely unplayable

on the bright side if they do abandon the game community will just retake it over like with HD/AOC. let see how many more years MS will dump money into this, do note that they are massive and getting esport/stream thing is only going to get bigger so they kinda forced into it cause theres lots of money there.

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2023 has been a disastrous year for DE. With both the Xbox Crossover and ROR bombing it seems unlikely they can still find creative new ways to monetize the game. Thus they are charging $15 for MR and selling icons. Then on top of that each patch degrades the pathing further to the point where units now teleport. The only explanation is that working on the legacy engine is too costly to maintain and they need to subtly push players towards their other titles. Maybe I’m wrong, but unless the plans for 2024 are mind blowing this will be a dead game soon with no fixes for any of these issues.


The pathing got critically affected when they made the crossplay btw console and pc, they thought the xbox users would double at very least the numbers of pc users so they put everything into it and as result they broke the game for us the PC players and as for today only 2k players are playing from consoles if not less, the devs and whoever is calling the shoots made a terrible mistake, how can you affect 60k players for 2k players that is just nuts, they should have reversed things prior that patch and continuing working separately. ( i know the numbers can be higher if we add SP users but that only make things worse for the pc users as the affected numbers would grow even more.

My only wish for 2024 and the future of aoe2 is for microsoft to give Blizzard full control of the aoe franchise, that is the only way to make aoe2 great again.

can you provide the source for this?

Blizzard? the company is synonymous with predatory monetization. Might as well give it to EA or Ubisoft


Why, pray tell, would you want Age of Empires to be given to an extremely corrupt company up there with Nintendo & EA, that has utterly ruined the franchises it’s touched and formed, that constantly enforces predatory practices that invade your wallet and private security?!


The only corrupt part of Nintendo is the executive part, and that’s simply because it’s populated with out-of-touch old geezers who don’t understand the fanbase or what it’s asking for. The rest of the company is basically fine. EA and Blizzard are much, much worse.


If you would care enough about the game you wouldn’t ask for sources as that info is public and you can look for it in aoe2 insights or the dashboard, i find very insulting pretending to deny an argument asking for sources that you can google and find it in no time, your dedication for this game is now questionable, cause the following are ad hominem arguments to keep defending world edges and fe bad administración.

You may say whatever you want about blizzard but their games have been more successful in every way and bigger, aoe2 had always the potential to be greater, but following world edges decisions the game will eventually include the vatican city, greenland and misssipeans with more gimmick units and bonuses that do not belong to aoe2 universe and path finding teleporting units or walking over resources or idk upgrading techs and gettings free resources… oh wait that already happened so you figure it out what is what you want for the game if you really support the game, aoe2 was created before Fe and world edges existed and it will survive once those companies are gone.

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so many things:
-aoe2insights shows almost 4000 players in RM team (controller), 2000 is only the 1v1 number
-the way you phrased it, it sounded like you were talking about ‘daily player count’, which is a relevant statistic for which I am not aware of any source
-all of these don’t take into account single player. there is a good chance that there is a higher proportion of casual players on xbox playing campaigns/vs AI than on PC

more importantly asking for a source is not an ad-hominem. it is good practice to provide sources if you are stating facts. what you are doing by saying “if you cared enough about the game”, “your dedicationg for the game is questionable” are ad-hominem attacks.

I have very mixed opinions about world’s edge and forgotten empires. I think most of the DLC civs are mediocre at best, their bug-fixing practices are bad and their communication is abysmal.

bigger is not better. I’d also disagree with ‘more successful in every way’. Do I need to remind you of Diabolo Immortal, their toxic monetization and their game design that feeds on #####tion.

agreed, I worry that the civilization bloat is getting worse and worse.