Please fix USA 🇺🇸

The civilization is bugged, the FI and certain shipments that I don’t want to name so as not to “tempt the devil” are broken. When are they going to be fixed? I think this is the worst bug so far, and that’s enough for me. Please fix it as soon as possible, I refuse to continue playing as long as things continue like this!!!


dejame adivinar las gatling guns y los marines verdad? yo lo he logrado sobrevivir con italia con cierto build order que tengo

Because it doesn’t surprise me that the “American” civilization has the most powerful military forces in the game. XD

PS: If you really want a change, we need to know for sure which cards are OP, otherwise we can’t try to come up with solutions and the developers are less likely to pay attention to us.


“bUt teh uSA iS C tiEr”


gatling con carta de metralla con compañía de milicias, y para sazonar un poco de pimienta recién molida (cartas de legión)

te faltaron los 2 cañones napoleon xd

I main USA and have no idea what you mean lol. What is broken?


“Rolling Artillery” is one Card that I find to be a bit ridiculous. I mean you get an Infinite shipment of 3 >2 >1 Gatling Guns that you can buff with “Cofee Mill Guns”, while most Europeans get 2 Falcs (a Card that’s already considered a must have in most decks). And then you have Portuguese with a pitiful 2 Organ Gun shipment, with only an Artillery Health buff to aid them.


what is your in game account ?

Yep. It should be 2->1 and all over again.

Gatling guns are formidable units. I say they are better than Falcs in early pushes (and better vs infantry) despite their longer ttk.


Sorry, I looked in bugs report, but it seems that nobody reported it, now I will.


Just watched this on twitch, I’m guessing it’s the statehood tech boosting the speed of the free age up to industrial that is the bug? Haven’t seen anyone actually do this yet though.

no hay ningún bug, el primero se envió canal de Morris que acelera todos tus envíos y después lo complementa con los envíos de nueva jersey, provocando lo visto en el video.

Se, ese no es el bug, el bug es el siguiente.

Usas este orden, y no entiendo aun muy bien como, pero USA puede avanzar a Industrial de forma instantanea y gratis, ese es el bug en cuestion. Aizmak logro llegar al TOP 1 del mundo haciendo esa estrategia, y aunque todos lo respetamos mucho al sr. elefante, la estrategia esta rotísima.


From what I’ve seen from the video you sent they don’t get to industrial instantly, just for free which is what the indiana age up card does then it’s a bit accelerated by getting statehood for that age up instead of taking it normally when aging to fortress.

ya descubrí el bug, que carbón jajajaja
tranquilo no lo comentare

another day another cheese that needs fixing, the cycle of aoe 3


Is this actually a bug though? Statehood is working as intended it’s reducing the time of age up by a certain percentage, it just happens that it is a free age up that normally takes a lotlonger, perhaps just an oversight.

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I played this prepatch and statehood used to not affect the Indiana card. Now it does but no mention in the patch notes if this was intended. There is often a lot of changes that are not mentioned in the patch notes so weather it is a bug or not is hard to say without official comment.


I guess they could make it so it reduces age ups by a certain amount of seconds rather than a percentage, that way you can use it with indiana but it won’t speed the age up anymore than normal. That is if it is not intended.

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