PLease for the sake of your fan base prioritize Bugs

I assume there has been one or more rants over this issue; here is some more. I have played since release over 2000 rank matches. I am not a high player ( my best ranking was 59 early but now i’m in the 300…)

There is one thing I beat myself over is when I click for my units to do something that I triple click the tasks hoping 1 of those many clicks will register. I played a game yesterday night where I clicked only twice for my explore to build a TP and went on to do something else… to find my explore sitting in the middle of map checking out his gun…

Another thing that I beat myself over AND STILL DOESNT WORK at time is giving multiple multiple shift+click build orders and still having my order disregarded.

Lastly the attack move; is borderline UNPLAYABLE when you click for your units to engage or click the floor near the enemy and have your units walk PASSED the enemy; sometimes walks INTO the enemy ( a batch of your skrims into caroleans…)

Please fix the click and shift+ click bugs! PLease fix the issues with attack move; get the fundamentals down; I KNOW I’M not the only person complaining YET still committed to the game.


On that note, please fix the Stuff being stuck in TP’s. If unlucky, a game gets decided by that nonsense!

Also Making campaign unplayable is a HUGE no (by killing the HC mechanic). Please fix those fast otherwise the playerbase wont grow (cuz bad review & beginners leaving the game frustrated).

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With the release of the AOE 4 trailer, I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that they are under staffed as they pour resources into the new release; and I UNDERSTAND. However, PLEASE EVEN IF WE ONLY GET 1 PATCH A MONTH; please prioritize bug and fundamental mechancis of the game over any perks, over balance (shifting clicking is huge in micro).

I totally agree that all the bugs listed here are very annoying when playing.

When the March patch was out, the devs said they were tracking issues like attack move, but such statement is gone in the latest patch note. So I’m a little worried that the devs would ignore the attack move bug. Also explorer not building Tps happen all the time, and it’s a very annoying bug. Please fix bugs devs!