Please fund more Age of empires 3 tournaments!

I don’t doubt that Microsoft and the devs have a lot of love for AoE3, but I don’t think it’s fair that AoE2 and AoE4 receive funding from big tournaments and the competitive part of AoE3 is ignored in this way. What do you think about this situation?

I think it would be good if they financed the AoE3 tournaments a little, there are organizations like ESOC, United Empires and Comunidadaoe that organize very good tournaments, but with very small prizes that they collect themselves. I’m not saying exorbitant prizes like in AoE4 that reach 100,000 dollars in prizes, but every once in a while a tournament of 1000 or less would help a lot to keep the competitive scene alive and boost the growth of the game, which, in my opinion, has a lot of potential.


Problems of doing quite big tournaments in AOE 3 is that, is less popular and a good amount of aoe 3 pros and advanced players left the game. Also don’t know if already known figures of aoe 2 that also play aoe 3 could be interested (Viper and Daut).

It needs to bring in revenue too, the large aoe2 tournaments get a ton of views so bring in money from sponsors like red bull, without the views they won’t pay.

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Hay que darle mas fuelle al age of empires 3 para que sea mas reconocido, tenemos que hacer que sea un juego visible para los demás!

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I would like AOE-3 to participate in red bull tournaments, but I don’t know if anything could be achieved.

Another way that would encourage the popularity of the game is to leave it free for some time on steam. I’m sure it would attract many new players. (Also for AOE-1 DE) Let's talk about the Red Bull

Con que se hagan pequeños torneos de entre 10 mil o 15 mil dólares, no mas eso ya incentivaría a algunos profesionales, no solo eso si age of empires 3 agrega mas campañas históricas atraerá mas publico casual, también mas modos de juego invitaría a jugarlo (como el modo risk que es una pasada) otra cosa, si llegan a soltar un nuevo dlc que le hagan una publicidad memorable

Yes, that’s true, although I don’t think TheViper and DauT play AoE 3, although TheViper was uploading the campaign of 3 DE when it came out, but it is super noob as far as metagame is concerned, although I think that with aoe 4 it can get to grab the return to the aoe 3…

Claro,yo siempre ando streameando AoE 3 DE mientras juego partidas casuales…

Claro,todo se puede hacer,igual yo pienso que AoE 3 DE va por buen camino,solo le falta más publicidad nomás…

Viper and Daut both play and enjoy AoE3 for fun.

They have said so on stream a few times. But they don’t stream it.

Bua enserio colega? eso no lo sabia tienes algún clip donde ellos lo digan?

Looks like we’ve got some funding! :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry I don’t have a clip, but I’ve heard viper say it on his stream sometime ago. He play AoE3 with his cousins.

Bua menuda pasada, aunque estoy seguro que no hace stream de ello por que su fan base no le gustaría para nada, lo quieren ver jugar AOE2 nada más

Ah I didn’t say anything then… but I could still stream it from time to time.I don’t play so much AoE 2 (I play more than 3), but I still stream it when the events come out…

Yes, I was about to mention the same thing…

Sí,es una pena que su público lo limite en su contenido,porque se ve que le gusta el aoe 3,aunque no lo diga tanto…espero que a partir del aoe 4 pueda subir más de los demás aoe…Mayorcete lo hace y su comunidad es muy unida,sea el age que sea…

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