Please hide map pool votes until after you've voted

This is really bugging me. Why are the map pool votes shown before voting? Obviously being able to see that Steppe only has 7% of the votes beforehand is going to make you believe it’s a wasted vote when other maps have 20%+. Surely makes sense to hide current vote results until after you have voted. I also think voting should only be allowed for players who are actually active on that ranked ladder. E.g. I only play 1v1 so I only vote for 1v1 maps, I don’t vote for team game maps. Single players inactive on the ranked ladder shouldn’t get a vote at all.


Agree 100%, it does feel like a wasted vote! I also think the votes should be final once you click the Vote Now! button. Otherwise for sure some people will see the % and change it to another map.

Oh, and plz vote Kawasan! :face_with_peeking_eye:


It’d be also great if you could see all options at the same time without having to scroll


While we’re at it: only players who have been active on the ladder for x games in the last x days should be allowed to vote for the next mappool


All the ideas above are worth implementing!


The results should only be shown at the end of the voting period.
There is a reason why most countries don’t start counting the ballots before voting ends.
Seeing early results can make people change their opinion.


His ideas have often been mentioned on other threads. I like all of his ideas.

All that’s missing is the addition of S-tier tournament maps.

One thing is certain: the voting system must be improved.


it would also be interesting to integrate maps that players are not used to playing (tournament maps or maps that are in the game directly) it would avoid a routine and it’s true that hiding the result until the end votes would be more interesting


Once in a while, they should have “Real World” maps in the pool too.