Please I would like these 3 civilizations

I would like some modder to create the following civilizations as a DLC pack: Argentina, Chile and Gran Colombia.

If you don’t want any ideas that I can give you, ignore everything that I’m going to put next and work your magic. :wink:


All Latin civilizations should have haciendas instead of windmills and plantations. Militiamen can be created from the town center indefinitely but have a cooldown.

Below is the number of haciendas and villagers that Latin civilizations should have as a maximum.

Haciendas: 4 max
Villagers: 80 max

Haciendas: 4 max
Villagers: 80 max

Great Columbia.
Haciendas: 4 max
Villagers: 80 max

Military Units

Cavalry units will need to be changed depending on the functions of the units.

Hussar of death replaces normal ussar in fourth age

Gaucho replaces the normal dragoon from the beginning

Grenadier on horseback replaces the normal grenadier in the fourth age

Note: The soldier could be the Latin version of the musketeer.

The following depends on whether the units audio can be changed.

You can: Use the sniper from the United States but with the voices of the Spanish guerrillas.

Can’t: Edit the stats of the revolutionaries and use them as equivalents to the guerrillas.

Civilization Bonuses

All Latin civilizations can breed cows from the beginning and they produce more experience 1.75 extra.

Generals can create recruits.
Cost: 100 of food
Appearance: Same as militiamen.
Statistics: Same as Spanish dogs but at a distance.
Extras: do not count towards population and increase the amount a general can have with each age up to 20 or 40 with a card
Age 1 5 base
Age 2 +5
Age 3 +5
Age 4 +5
Age 5 nothing

Cattle fatten up 30% faster in Stockyards, and villagers produce 15% more resources in Haciendas.

Mining and fishing 20% faster

Gran Colombia.
His units deal 20% more damage.

Special Cards

Semi-Fed Cattle Shipments (Cows)
Shipment of improvements for cattle (cows give more than 100 extra food)

Fish and whale shipments
Prospecting shipments (silver and gold mines)

Gran Colombia.
Unit shipments earn an extra unit.
15% reduction in the cost of Imperial upgrades.

Shared Cards

Liberation March
Advanced Bar
Industrial Revolution
dutch immigrants
french immigrants
german immigrants

Latin American civilizations lack archaic units but native allies can always be sent

New Cards

Mapuche Allies: Age 2 or Age 3
Gives you 20 Mapuche clubs in exchange for 300 or 500 food (infinite card)

Italian Immigrants: Age 3
Gives 5 Villagers and increases Haciendas harvest by 20%

Instructor: Age 3 or Age 4
Doubles the recruits the general can train.

Note: I leave the rest of the cards to your discretion


Latin civilizations can create construction carts in the capitols.

Appearance: same as the Italians.
Bonus: It allows us to ally with a minor tribe and does not allow us to develop their improvements.

Can breed and fatten cows but they fatten more slowly -30% and do not produce resources.

Aesthetics: Just like the Italian cathedral.

Same as malt “barracks” (infantry)

End Notes

There are some ideas that I left in the inkwell but I think they are more complicated to do, for example that the urban militias be reusable in a similar way to those of the United States or units that would have to be made almost from scratch.

If you are reading this, thank you for giving me your attention and I hope you liked my idea. :smile:

PS: I added some changes but I want to keep it as simple as possible.


Amigo se vale soñar, igual me gustaría ello, pero gran parte de la comunidad dudo que aprecie eso, oh de que siquiera los desarrolladores lo hagan.


I’m currently working on a mod like this, but I think your ideas are too simple. We (Me, other modders and the devs) need more elaborated ideas. For example, some specific mechanic that reflects well the military and the culture of the civilization in question.

For example, my ideas for the initial bonuses for South American civs currently are:

General features of South American civs:
-Starts with a General.
-Build haciendas instead of mills or estates.
-Have shipments of infinite Gatling Guns and Napoleon Guns, but for a price.

-Receives a cow with every shipment. Cow limit is 40.
-In III age they have a card like Sonora Vaqueros (Ships 8 Cuatreros and enables them to gather food from animals) but with gauchos.

Brazil and Colombia:
-Federal States Age Up system, but with different units and cards to those of Mexico and USA.

-The TC and military buildings have mobilization techs that give groups of Settlers or Military units for a price. These technologies arrives fast and have limited uses.

-Build Kancha Houses instead of houses.
-Some cards/techs send groups of Breñeros that rally to your cause. Receives more for every unit lost, up to a limit.

(But I need many more ideas)


try to keep it simple because I don’t want to ask too much, but if you are interested in mechanics and more elaborate units I propose the following for Argentina.


The patricians: could be the equivalent of the musketeers but with more range

Pardos and Moreno: Guerrillas with more range (different skin color in the same unit)

Infernal: gauchos that can attack on the move.

Note: Normal gauchos could be villagers just like in WOL


Cabildo: being able to choose a native ally that can enable you to create their units at the cost of population and food. I believe that the native ally we choose could enable us to revolutionize him and add modern weaponry similar to the Iroquois.


Mapuche cudgel 150 food

Mapuche horseman 200 food

Estancia: produces brangus, the animals assigned to the estancia produce abundant resources and fatten faster.

Brangus: they cost 200 food and can grow up to 1000 food
Produces nothing
Fattening speed+ 30%

Produce food 0.15/0.25
Fattening speed+ 20%

Produces gold 0.15/0.25
Fattening speed+ 15%

Produce gold or food 0.15/0.25
Fattening speed + 15%

Produce gold or food 0.15/0.25
Fattening speed+ 10%

Produces gold 0.15/0.25
Fattening speed+ 10%

Note: Argentina is a country that stood out for being an agro-exporter, this could be its own mechanics.

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I like the point about shared units and haciendas but not the 80 villagers limit. That kind of civs overperform on treaty right now


I have zero experience in 40/90 minute treaty games, it would be useful for you to explain in more detail why they seem so strong. :sweat_smile:

There are four haciendas to divide the 80 villagers, but if for some reason this means they produce too much, a shadow technology can be applied.

Maybe something like this?
Shadow tech: haciendas harvesting speed
Age I - 20%
Age II +10%
Age III + 10%
Age IV + 5%
Age V + 5%

Creo que la situación es mas o menos así
Modders: algunos si, otros no.
Comunidad hispana: una gran parte de la comunidad tiene interés.
Resto de la comunidad: algunos están interesados.
Desarrolladores: depende las ganancias.
Yo: :pleading_face:

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Chile could use a battalion system similar to China’s


Fish Trap
I think that Chile should have the possibility of sending fishing sources with shipments or a system of fishing nets similar to those of the AOE2


Prospector Wagon
Chile has access to the Andes mountain range, it could have access to prospecting carts to obtain silver and gold mines, alternatively coal mines could be created.

Note: I think these could be Chile’s unique mechanics


Cabildo: being able to choose a native ally that can enable you to create their units at the cost of population and food. I believe that the native ally we choose could enable us to revolutionize him and add modern weaponry similar to the Iroquois.

Note: Chile has been through many internal wars, it could compete in revolutions with Mexico (civ)


Mapuche cudgel 150 food

Mapuche horseman 200 food

Note: If by any chance someone knows more about Chile and Gran Colombia please add more information, my knowledge of these countries is limited. :sweat_smile:

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The issue isnt the economy, are the pop slots available while devs tend to give this civs an economy quite similar to the other ones. Right now Mx comes 1st position on score thanks to that ridicolous trade of x1.5.

The best example are germans: they can get 130villagers but their units are pop heavy, so they have to choose. Dutch, Mexicans, French, Japan just can spam canons easily getting an efficient match up

Maybe something like the following?
Maximum population 200
The soldier costs 2 population.
The “guerrilla” costs 1 population.
The “Gaucho” costs 1 population.
Cannons cost 3 to 4 population.
Special units like the Argentinian Grenadier and the Ussar of Death should cost 2 population.

Give me an example of a civilization poorly balanced in population cost and economy, maybe I can understand it better that way.

Mexico has access to 6 or 7 haciendas, Latin American civilizations can only have 4.
If any modder applies my idea for the three civilizations, they should add a card or an improvement to improve the economy.

As for the population issue, the most powerful units of the Latin American factions cost 2 population.
Mounted Grenadier costs 2 POP
The ussar of death costs 2 POP
The soldier costs 2 POP

In this aspect, my proposal is balanced. :slightly_smiling_face:

Guerra contra la Confederación Perú-Boliviana - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
Guerra hispano-sudamericana - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
Guerra del Pacífico - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
Crisis de Panamá de 1885 - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

ahí tienes a algunas cosas, el ejercito de chile en su mayoría estaba compuesto por voluntarios llamados batallones cívicos, y varios regimientos de caballería como la caballería de frontera que estaba acostumbrada a pelear contra nativos y la guerra de guerrillas

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I will put all the history information here


I’m sorry but I couldn’t find them in English :pensive:

This kind person shared more information, I recommend you take a look

whatever I find in English I’ll put it from here

yes, the death hussar is from a movie


For more information:
Simón Bolívar and San Martín participated in several of the revolutions in South America

the cabildo were used in all the Spanish colonies, they could be a replacement for the capitol for the Hispanic civilizations.

I’m sorry I couldn’t find more information in English.

The basilica of our Merced could generate experience in a traditional way and by investing resources, similar to the Italian banks, but we only gain experience.

Note: If by any chance someone knows more about Chile and Gran Colombia please add more information, my knowledge of these countries is limited. :sweat_smile:

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Gran Colombia

this is a comment from Opdepov that proposes a mechanic for italy, maybe you could use it for Gran Colombia

Note: I think this system could turn Gran Colombia into the strongest long -term civilization

It could be interesting that, depending on what options we decide to use to age-up, we can revolutionize ourselves in Venezuela or Ecuador.

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Interesting… maybe for Gran Colombia you can choose to go to Imperial Age, or revolt to Venezuela or Ecuador.

Don’t worry about posting some things in Spanish, is my native language.
(but I prefer that in this forum we communicate in English, so that everyone can understand).

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Question, are you going to publish the civilizations in pairs or are you going to publish them all at the same time?

Soon I want to publish a mod with 4 civs (Which are 90% complete), and add some more later (All in the same mod), but I’ve been too busy to finish them. These first 4 civs are mostly European, but then I want to continue with 2 Asian (Korea and Persia) and the South American civs that I already mentioned.

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Mexico Civilization i think

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Thanks, I already corrected it. :smile:

four European civilizations? If it is not an inconvenience for you, can I know which ones?

Austrians, Prussians, Poles and Danes, but my mods are somewhat simple, using only the assets found in the game, like my mod of the Koreans which I already published. The problem I have right now is that no one is telling me how good or how bad that mod is, so I’m working blindfolded. I expected more feedback.


I recommend that you be patient, probably people are just trying the mod and sooner or later they will comment on what they thought, and I hope my comment encourages others to try the mod and share their ideas. :slightly_smiling_face:

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