Please improve the Friend/invite system

The Friend system is totally broken, and usless since day one since:

  • You cannot invite a friend to play unless you add them on steam (and to do that you can only ask in game or pre game since there is no longer the whisper option)

  • If you are part of a clan and want to invite a friend for a match using the right click button it appears “invite for clan” but no longer "invite to match - which is simply riddiculous.

  • Even if the above options were available, you never know if a player is online or not.

Hence i ask the devs to PLEASE implement the following changes which were a feature on AoE III (it is not something new or out of the blue)

  • Allow Whisper with friends;
  • Allow invite friends through the Friend list (and not only through steam/xboxlive whatever);
  • Create a button or signal for us to know which friends are online or not.

This is a recourring issue and a problem since day one. And several players have complained about it both in the game chat and here on the forums