Please include options for population and era

The current game opening options are still too simple,I hope that with the launch of the new DLC, more game setting options can be added, such as era settings. Currently, only the starting era can be modified, and the highest development era cannot be modified (such as I hope a game can only evolve to era 3), population (200 is obviously not enough to meet the needs of many players), and adding fewer/more players to smaller/larger maps, which means adjusting the map size separately, Not tied to the number of players, etc. Anyway, just refer to the previous design.

I know there is already a mod called “Advanced Game Settings” that can achieve these, but that mod is too complex for me. I still prefer to play with the official “Advanced Game Settings”, which is more intuitive and convenient.


I would add ending age too

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These are the most basic and basic features of a game, why do you need players to solve your job?