Please increase the budget and manpower for aoe4 and listen to the fans

Please microsoft, increase the budget for this game, so Relic can save the project.
Obviously the budget has been quite small so far.
We want aoe4, we really do!
But not in this state.
I’ve bought aoe3DE on release which was a huge disaster, won’t buy aoe4 unless there are MAJOR improvements on release. If the game releases half finished, I and many other fans will just see the critics and move on, never look back.


This post could’ve had merit 2 years ago.
AoE IV is set to release in like two months afaik. Without any hints about delaying this is end of the line and a spot where financial outlays decrease. The work schedule is planned much earlier, no one atm will double the financing or something, because it makes no sense at the finishing stage where there is only one more (open?) beta waiting for us.

The investment decision regarding the size and scale of this project was made years ago.


Aoe3 DE is pretty nice IMO, I only remember there were a couple of un-critical bugs at launch. It also has a very positive rate on Steam.
Why do you think it was a disaster?


Yup 3DE all things considered was released in a rather decent state - far from a ‘disaster’. All DEs recieved a huge number of small tweaks, ballance changes and fixes, but 3DE was in a much better overall shape than 1DE and I guess around the level of 2DE.
1DE had many core problems that eventually were resolved with post-launch support… Due to many (more and less obvious) factors - players looked at the second part more sternly and expected a much more polished and smooth product, that out of the box would replace HD2013 (that recieved a LOT of support over the years).

Again - all DEs had problems but when it comes to 3DE the most serious problem that stuck in my mind was its Achilles heel, i.e. the engine and performance problems, both in SP and MP modes. I wasn’t playing online around release so can’t speak for netcode etc, but looking back I can’t remember any serious problems like CTDs, progress wipes etc.


Oh the release of 3DE was a disaster but I guess its gotten better… I have played #3 thousands of games and when I got DE was so devastated… I tried to return it, and haven’t played since. (sticking to Legacy)

I was hopeful AOE4 being a grounds up build from its own creator would be better, and in many ways it is and looks good… but also in others it looks like release will be iffy… it just looks half done, with lack of mercs, no crew on siege, nothing really exciting revealed for water play… its just a meh feeling and I should be standing on top of my chair singing for joy this game is being made.

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Disaster would be Age of Mythology EE and Tale of the Dragon … Review still mostly negative on steam.

I wish they would have Age of Mythology DE to save it.

Don’t give up hope.
Next year is the 20th anniversary of the original Age of Mythology release.


They’d said they have plans to make something with AOM too

Unfortunately you are right, I didn’t think far enough.
Still, hope dies last and I just hope they push it a little now in the last moments.

Aoe4 seems like an “one the side” project.
In the trailers you can spot how the cavalry is bugging and wiggling around when they collide with enemy units and are meant to hit them.
That’s just one of many points.

The last hope is the open beta, let’s just see how things develope until then.
If things haven’t changed dramatically till then, lots of fans will not consider this a smart purchase and pass on it.

Have you probably gotten DE a few months after release?
It have massive performance issues, freezes, people’s games closed upon loading screen after finding a (ranked) match and thus lost elo for nothing.
The game menu is a joke until this day, you can’t access your friendlist or browse your options or anything while you are in search for a match.
You can’t see who of your friends is online.
All of that worked perfectly in AOE3, TWC and TAD.
The Swedes were just out of this world overpowered in every way back then, it took a year patches until they were half balanced, because that civ was made in a rush and had a gameplay which belongs to a MOBA game.
Caroleans ruled against any unit, they are heavy ranged inf and even beat their only hardcounter with ease.
Torps produced WAAAAY too much gold and Engelsberg ironworks was back then at 200%, now I believe it must be around 100?
Same goes for Inca, though they were not AS broken.
Many other points too, which were reported in the beta by fans and should have been more than obvious through logical thinking and analysis of the match making results.
While aoe2 De received tons of patches years after release, at the same time it was a really slow process to just bring aoe3DE into a (multiplayer) playable state, especially for people who find their fun in ranked games and play with a competitive mindset.
I believe untill today settlers get garrisoned into a blockhouse after finishing building it, when you shift click them for a further task before.
I could list many more things.
On release aoe3DE was a big mess and HENCE the ratings on steam early on were quite devastating, though slowly improved until now being alright.
Don’t get me wrong, I love aoe3, it has been my favourite throughout the series, while I’m a big fan of one and two as well.
I was about to refund aoe3 DE, even though it was my biggest hope of all DEs.
Due to poor multiplayer team balance, I now stopped playing it entirely.
As soon as you reach a higher elo, every second match you saw something like an Inca pike plus abus unstoppable push after a few minutes in 2v2.
I’m mainly a 2v2 player, playing with a good friend and we have now given up this game.
If you don’t lame, it’s really tough to win.
In aoe3 nilla you won through micro, Teamplay and macro.
Not in DE.

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I think they said they have something to tell us in the future.
So it’s to assume it’s either AoMDE or AoM2, I don’t expect another DLC for AoMEE.

I didn’t have any problems in AoE3DE and I played since the release day.
But I have to say that I never played ranked so I can’t talk about that.

They mostly balance the game for 1v1 and also for treaty. It’s hard to make a game balanced for so many different game modes, because rebalancing one mode will destroy the balance in another.
It’s kinda doable with treaty and 1v1 because you can make cards that are only useful in one mode.
But I still hope they get to 2v2 balance one day.
For 1v1 or treaty DE is a lot more balanced that TAD ever was.