Please increase zoom range, and further tweak performance

Hi there! Recently a member of the community made a tool, which he released as open source that dramatically improves game performance:

It seems to me that the resolution shrinking feature is one that dramatically improves performance for those with low-end systems, but there is a problem: since zoom and game resolution are coupled, when we play with much lower resolution the zoom is very very close, even on the furthest setting.
So i’m asking that the developers implement allowing us to zoom way further out than the game currently allows, so that we can play comfortably in very low resolutions.

Also, please consider putting some of SenseiDE features into the game settings…

Thank you!


The zoom is not coupled, the zoom is the internal rendering resolution of the game, so if you can zoom more then you will have to run the game at a bigger resolution increasing the performance hit, in fact doing the opposite would increase performance if the devs would remove the zoom options for low scores, i know alot of people with potato computer who barely pass the benchmark with the zoom in, once they got the +1000 then they zoom out in games their potatos to 4k resolution, turning the game into a lag fest.

The third app you are mentioning doesn’t improve drastically the game, it just removes unnecessary effects and reduces your desktop resolution humm, it helps to boost the score of the benchmark but it is not going to do miracles in a 4vs4 if your system was struggling before.

But yeah some of those effects should be optional in the graphic options.

SenseiDE just takes away some graphics. So you can play the game at even lower graphics the currently. Less graphics seems to mean less zoom too. More zoom means more lag / lower rating. So not really sure if this is a good solution, since you can easily cheat the performance system by making everything minimal and afterwards put all settings back to normal and have a lagfest.