Please let me know what barracks have queed units on minimap

i create 2 bunches of mosqueteers but i dont know what barrack is creating the musket, i selected all barracks using select all barrack hotkey, but once i create musketeers i dont know which barrack has the musqueteers queed

i know i can make click on the icon of queed musketeers but i want to know what barrack is creating it wtihout having to click on it, because if i click on it, the view is centered on the barrack instead of the army, so please make the option to see what barrack is creating unit on minimap

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You mean… instead of the golden line on top of the health bar it could be customizable so that the same icon image on the queue (5 muskets) could show up. Right?
It would probably look overwhelming, but if it’s up to customization it could be a good addition.

I’d certainly try it…